How To Create A Perfectly Curved Table By Turning Your Existing Table Into A Bench

By using this basic construction technique, you end up with a gorgeous, elegant dining table that can do double duty as a beautiful, curved back support.

Before you build your own wooden bench, it’s worth checking out our video on how to lay your wood down. Or perhaps our How To Build A Desk Wood Table video will help you put together an outstanding desk. Whatever method of framing is right for you, this step-by-step video tutorial on how to make a perfectly angled bench is the right one for you.

Step 1

Locate two pieces – the inside and outside walls – that are a third of the way across widthwise across the entire width of the bench. Position these pieces on your framing and screw to the top edge of the bench, where they will sit flush with the edge of the wood deck.

Step 2

Trace around your bench and place these four “poles” on your bench with no overlapping or overlapping. This way, when you install the plywood, you will simply install the plywood “poles” on top of each other. Do this for every inch of your bench.

Don’t forget to trace around each of your four “poles” as well. Do not cut or saw through the holes that you made on any one of these pieces. Instead, screw the “poles” in and leave an adequate area of wood to screw your frame to later.

Step 3

Fold up two end grain pieces of wood and place them on either side of the two outside pieces. Lay these pieces in place as described above.

Step 4

Cut two 5-1/8” wide pieces of wood to the height you wish and place one of the pieces inside the other. Position these on top of the inside side of the bench.

The bench is now all-together ready to install!

Step 5

Using an angle grinder, chamfer the backsides of all of the sides, bottom edges, and bottom of the top and bottom walls to the top and bottom of the plywood. This will create a perfect, straight and smooth edge. Make sure the top and bottom of the top edge are smooth.

Step 6

Install three of the exterior “poles” to create three slits so that you can attach your “screws” to the top edge. This is where the frame of your bench will sit.

Step 7

Fold your top edge around the top of the side wall “poles” and then around the “poles” themselves. Lay the bottom of your bench down flush with the bottom of your plywood on the inside of the bench.

Step 8

Now take your frame and screw it onto the inside of your bench. Be sure to screw straight down through the plywood with a level or other heavy object to keep your frame from rolling over the edge.