How To Deal With Stress

I was working late on an online course and was exhausted. When I came home the next morning, I put on a long, relaxing DVD, closed my shutters, and waited for my mind to wander. It didn’t. What I wanted was to curl up with the glow of a perfect night of sleep and let the world go away.

I’ve learned over the years that a short, quiet respite from work can really do wonders to help you unwind, and get rid of pent up tension. When I was young, I used to walk to school before school just to clear my head. Sometimes I would just sit in the car or on the train. I don’t know if it was a habit, or the effects of puberty. There’s no doubt that it helped me to get rid of the stress in my life.

I decided that as much as I did this, it was time for some of my stress to leave. I started making new healthy habits and letting myself get away for short spells of time. My first big break came from getting really sick a few days before a big test. It got so bad that I was shaking so much that my legs started to cramp too. I had never felt sick before and I was terrified that it was the stress of the exam that had me so agitated. Luckily I had already learned how to take a rest from school and so I decided to take it easy the next day and just enjoy my illness. It was just as well as I was able to pass an exam in record time.

The second big break to get out of the work situation came from losing my girlfriend two years ago. As this came to me while sitting at my desk at work, I just started looking at the windows. All I could see was a sea of green. All of the green I wanted to see. Now I understand how so many people feel when they get divorced. It’s the same as losing your girlfriend. Suddenly the world stops turning. You can spend your whole life planning for the next day and you can suddenly sit back with no direction. And you’ll realize there’s nothing better than going into a green field and just being.

The third and final break came from having a mental breakdown the summer before my last year of uni. I know many people who have gone through life like I did who have just had a mental breakdown. A few things are for sure, I wasn’t in the right headspace and so it took a few years for me to get past it.

The thing I remember the most though is sitting in a hospital bed having a mental breakdown. I was on a ward with an enormous number of other people and they were giving out all these pills and telling us all to talk to each other about how important it was that we talk to each other. It was so bizarre and surreal.

I learned over the years that we have to look at ourselves in the mirror and look at our situations. The good outweighs the bad, and the bad doesn’t last forever. If our thoughts, behaviors and attitudes are causing harm, we can begin to change those.

At the end of the day though, as far as I’m concerned these steps are all you need! So that’s it for this week! Let me know if I’ve missed anything in your life!

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