How To Develop A Loving Relationship With Food

It is clear that our relationship with food can be more than just a means to fuel our bodies. We have become more attuned to the connection between what we eat and how we feel. We realize that our relationship with food does more to maintain our emotional and physical health, even in situations where an unhealthy diet is not desirable. In other words, eating is more than just a way for us to have some energy; it is the very basis of self-care that we need in order to function physically and emotionally well.

There is a profound way that we can treat food differently. It is that we are able to treat it differently when we have chosen to become more conscious and aware of our relationship with food and its impact on our bodies. There is no doubt in my mind that our relationship with food influences the way we function, and therefore, most importantly. It affects our emotional and physical health negatively. Our connection with food leads to a more informed, conscious mind. A more compassionate and open heart which will see the importance of creating nourishing and stimulating nourishment for our bodies and health.

It does not matter if you are vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, raw, paleo, paleo adapted, vegan in spirit, dairy, or gluten intolerant. There are benefits to being a food-saturated person. We will discover that we still get the benefits of the food we choose, we still feel good about our choices. It is a beautiful thing to feel good about the foods and things that we choose to consume. We do not feel that we are depriving ourselves.

When my food habits changed and I became more responsible and more conscious, I started noticing a positive impact on my overall health and well-being. I found it really rewarding to do the things I am responsible for: to eat healthy and to work outside as much as I could. I do feel proud of myself for creating such beautiful moments and experiences through my own actions.

I do find myself loving food that is raw for it feels like its energy is flowing through me and I can feel how its essence helps me create a feeling of contentment within my heart. The most rewarding things for me to create are ones that provide me with nourishment through the use of herbs and minerals and the healing power of fresh and healthy vegetables. There is the feeling of being healthy and feeling nourished through the process of creating my own nourishment. This is a wonderful thing! We can become so connected to the food that we have chosen to consume that we are not simply dependent on whatever is out there. For example, I may be trying to create nourishing ingredients for an ingredient based soup that I have made, but as the soup is made, it changes. This can happen to a huge extent with the food products that we use. For example, I can make a raw, antioxidant laden, paleo-aligned chicken noodle soup and then eat it the next day. The same goes with any other meal that I have made which is not meant for storage. It can change into something else entirely if I am so absorbed with the soup that I do not think about it too much before eating it. It is this kind of mindful, purposeful eating that is really important. We should be focusing on the things that we love.

This is one of the few times where I cannot agree with my readers. You may feel like they are oversimplifying things when they write that “we do not have to eat what comes to us”. You might not agree if they make fun of the “fatties, slobs, and slothful” lifestyle or some of their other negative and stereotyped statements (like not doing exercise, eating junk food, and not being active). You might say they are exaggerating the importance of how you can feel satisfied through food by just focusing on the food and saying that you cannot have this kind of nourishment any longer. You might think that they are looking down their noses and belittling anyone who is different from them or does not want to be like them.