How To Develop A Passion For Life

When our heart is willing, it can make everything the best there is. But it only really wants the best for its very best. It wants what it deserves and does not allow itself to be the victim of envy or frustration. In fact, it makes the experience of being alone the greatest reward.

In a recent video I recorded at my home office, I discussed the importance of cultivating your own passion. I’ve been doing this for a decade now but it’s only recently I’ve begun to share with my friends and family — especially my young son. At that time, I was still a beginner who was in the midst of figuring things out, and I wasn’t thinking of the positive impact I was making. Now, I am constantly thinking of how I am able to help my little one learn through his experiences and my passion for life has blossomed because I’ve become more aware of the many wonderful elements of life.

I have learned from my heart what it is like to pursue the most challenging goal you can possibly imagine. For example, my wife is a phenomenal yoga teacher, and I learned early on to always leave with a smile on my face; that it was not important that I look as if I’d just gotten into a wrestling match. In fact, it can often be a good thing that I haven’t gotten hurt.

I’ve read through books on the importance and challenge of self-discovery and my personal journey is becoming one of discovery. In other words, I’m always looking to discover new parts of the world. That is an excellent motivation, and I’ve learned to turn this into an exercise every single day. I’m able to find joy in the smallest things. For example, when I find out that a cute little puppy is wandering around my neighborhood looking for someone to play with, I smile to myself. If someone is walking down my hallway in a t-shirt and flip-flops, I don’t mind; I don’t even notice!

I have enjoyed being a family member since day one. But that doesn’t mean I can’t share those experiences with others. For example, a great example is my wife’s mother-in-law, who is a wonderful friend. She is the kindest, sweetest, most generous and most generous person I’ve ever known. When I see her coming out of her home, I think, “Wow, she must be feeling so great right now. She must be so grateful for everything she has.” It’s a gift to see how much the world of a person can benefit another human being.

In the end, passion for life is so important because it’s the greatest source of joy and happiness that someone can experience. Passionately pursuing your goals, creating the life you want for yourself is the ultimate motivation for me. Life is beautiful!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my journey. If I can, I will be back soon to share with you some of the things I’m learning.

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