How To Discharge Dry Cleaning Outlets

You don’t get to have an Outlet in your yard like you thought you would! No, you simply charge to the other end.

There’s a lot to learn about getting your laundry done right at home, too, but if you’re anything like I am, you’re really interested in finding a system that makes your life easier on both a personal and a financial level. My wife and I decided to learn how to find laundry dry cleaners in our neighborhood and put together an easy system called Green And Frugal Living that helps us out.

Our system consists of our “Go” system as well as a few add-on ideas that aren’t necessarily in the Go system, but make it a whole lot easier for us.  Our Go system consists of:

A laundry detergent, not in your sink, we use DjWarm , I’d get the dry cleaner version. It’s a good brand (and makes sense in any situation) and can be shipped nationwide, but it’s also a great way to keep your laundry cleaner and more organized. You could also use your own brand that will work just as well and be more convenient for you if you like. The laundry detergent has to be shipped to you to be effective and I highly recommend doing this. A gallon of hot water, not just in your washer or dryer, but all over the bathroom and furniture. Not only will it keep your house cleaner, but it’s the only way to keep you from filling your tub all with cold water from your dishwasher. I think the difference is that the hot water helps warm the laundry so the detergent doesn’t need to work so hard, but it really works so much better. If using it in your dishwasher, just let your hot water run while using your laundry detergent to keep it a bit warmer, but not boiling hot. Also be sure to fill up the gallon container and use the one for your shower and tub before the other is full of water. A large box of white clothespins. These can be purchased at any hardware store and I’ve also been known to buy them on Amazon but either way, you can purchase a box of these at Walmart or Target (the price difference between the two is about $1-$3) You don’t have to use the one pictured above, but I always use four or five and I love them for cleaning the corners of my clothes. They’re perfect for cleaning off any wrinkles and dirt from the outside of my shirts. An iron in a bucket, I generally use an electric one, but the hot water in the shower helps me keep things cleaner. I really love our electric washers, but if you can find one that doesn’t use a heat source like a stovetop or gas burner, that’s a great way to keep your washer cleaner and also use less electricity. I have had a lot of success using the  Iron-It Washable Towel  off Amazon, but it’s not the most expensive option, so I’d recommend getting a small, lightweight iron so you actually get something into your washer. A regular plastic box. This can be a few things, depending on your situation, but I’d be getting my dry cleaning out of a box instead of sending everything out a plastic grocery wrapper. I prefer a box because it makes it easier for me to move my laundry when I’m ready to hang it. I also prefer to use plastic because even if I lose it in the box, I’m usually able to find it, whereas with a box I might not be able to track it down if I didn’t use the box for one of the items I’m doing laundry with it in.