How To Do A New Year’S Eve Cocktail Clean Up With Bleach

If you’ve never been to New Year’s Eve, you must be a strange person. I mean, no one knows what it is like and no one’s ever done it. It’s like a big party and your mom didn’t teach you how to do it. I can only imagine…

If you can’t get up by New Year’s Eve or if you’ve forgotten all about the party in the past few weeks, you have just another reason to use bleach to clean up your home. Bleach is one of those household chemicals that goes beyond just cleaning, it’s like a magic potion. You’ll need a gallon of water to get you started, a gallon of bleach to get a clean look, and three to five cans of soda to get you through all your guests (if you’re using the soda containers).

The first step to doing a New Year`s Eve cleanup is to get ready. First you need a good way to hold it all in your home. I have used a variety of items, and you can get the idea. I use my table so I can hold all my guests in the center with two tables. Then I have a stand on each side with three chairs and two tables behind it. You can of course choose to do it in just one spot, and just stick the guests with a broom brush as you go.

The other thing about using bleach is it has to be mixed. I have never used anything that wasn’t mixed and ready to throw in. It also helps to have a container that can handle the heat and the pressure of the liquid being poured. If its over 95F and you want an even deeper cleanup, use a glass container filled to the neck with hot liquid. Just dump your guests into the vessel and pour in as much liquid as you want to help get rid of the food and drink residue. Once you have everything cleaned, you can then put on a pair of gloves and wash your hands thoroughly before putting that shiny new clean towel to your head and heading out.

Once your guests have departed, get another jug of clean water and then a gallon spray bottle of water, the better with the more bleach, the better.

Once the guests are gone and youíve had some time to thoroughly soak all your trash before doing a New Yearís Eve cleanup, you can start on the party. First you need one of the bleach containers. Get a couple of the cups with the lid. Spray the tops so both your guests and the house will be protected.

Once the lid is onto the jug, carefully remove the bottom portion of the lid to get at the solution inside. Once you have some bleach in, you need to get it into any of your containers where you might need it. That means getting all the plastic cups that might come in contact with the trash, or using a spray bottle to get the bleach into anything it might contact.

Once everything is cleaned, you are all set! It’s time for a night party. Here’s what we did that night…

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Have You Ever Had To Clean Up A Party, After An Event, After Having Been A Guest And Cleaning Up A Room? Or Have You Cleaned Up A Party For Several People Before? I Want To Hear From You! If I’ve missed anything, share it in the comments!!! I’ll get to all your stories.