How To Do More With Less: When Small Steps Can Matter A Lot

In today’s world of overspending, how do you choose to spend less money? While it might seem obvious that big things are expensive, it really isn’t.  Take away the flashy trappings of “Big Things” — a million dollar home or a diamond ring — and the difference is a lot easier to understand.  When you focus on small things, the difference is more apparent.

It’s easy to understand the importance of small steps.  But in today’s world of overspending, what are the right moves for small purchases? When you’re spending more and more per month on products, should you do more of them or fewer? When you’re saving on a car loan and looking to buy a house, how do you make a smart decision when all the factors seem stacked against you? When you decide to go away for a weekend, what’s the best way to avoid spending a bunch of money along the way?  When you find yourself overwhelmed at a job interview or with a difficult decision, know that sometimes small changes can matter a lot more than big ones.  Take the time to understand your time on this earth, and make choices that align with your values, not with your desires.

Here are seven practical steps for more effective living where the small things really count.

1.  Think Small

Every single night when we fall asleep, we tell ourselves to dream.  And every single morning when we wake up in the world, we decide if we’re going to stay focused or jump out of bed and do something else.  So how can you do that for your business and life?

Start with the things that really mean something to you — things that you have something really deep-seeded to say about.  If you have a unique idea for the best way to do something, be the one to talk about it.  If someone is helping you to succeed, make them do the work.  There are tons of small things to choose from in life, and all of them matter.

2.  Make Small Changes

If you make these small changes today, you could be making a huge change in a month.  Make one small change and go from 0 to 1K.  There’s no reason not to take that first step.  It’s that easy.

We don’t usually like big changes, especially big choices, but sometimes the small things really matter.  If you’ve got a big business plan, you’ve got big decisions to make.  If you’ve got big goals for your life — don’t just say yes to one thing or another — make those decisions.  If you’ve got your personal life in order, you’ve got to make the changes that matter to you, and often the changes that feel like compromises might in fact be the right ones.

3. Focus on Small Moments

When you spend more time with someone this week, don’t forget to spend an equal amount of time with them just yesterday.  If you’ve got 10 hours of work to get done today, start with 10 hours from Sunday.  I often get too caught up in thinking about things that might be bigger than the task at hand, but the moment of truth always comes to light.

When you’re spending a large amount of time, focus on doing a small amount — focus on focusing on the one thing that feels the most special or important.

4.  Get in the Game

When you’re doing something worthwhile, don’t hesitate to get your hands dirty and show yourself what you know.

Get off your butt and focus on your passion.

If you’re doing something interesting, don’t be afraid to do something small.  If you want to make the world a better, more fair place, get out of your comfort zone and start contributing a little.

5.  Go Big When You Should Go Small

It’s easy to lose yourself in the details, the small things, and the details themselves.  We get too caught up in trying to have more and more and more.  It’s not too late to turn this around.  It’s not too late to realize that making a little change makes all the difference.