How to Drop a Bad Habit

A bad habit can be a minor annoyance or a curse that poisons one’s life. Needless to say, we all would choose to get rid of them if we could, but doing so is often difficult beyond belief. In this article, we cover some simple ways to tackle the general problem of deleting a bad habit from your life for good.

Focus on the activity you wish to eliminate. The process is more likely to succeed if you choose something that is easy to do, like exercising more, or something that you often forget on your to-do list, like washing the dishes or cleaning the garage.

Find one or two things you really enjoy performing. Decide what your task at hand, and what is left to do once you’re done with it, is doing that you would really rather do. Then consider whether you’re doing it for your own pleasure, whether it’s something you enjoy and are good at, or if it’s something you just happen to be good at. You’re not going to be good at doing something you’re really not enjoying, you’re just good at doing something you enjoy doing, so stick to that rule.

Make a plan of action. Don’t decide not to do it and then do nothing to try to cure the problem. A plan better serves its purpose if you lay out the details of when, where and with whom you will go about the entire process.

Use it as a routine. Regularity is important. Then, set aside the time for the specific task at hand – for example, you could set aside 15 minutes to do your laundry. Treat the task as you would any other to-do.

Reward yourself. Once you have completed the supposedly beneficial habit, reward yourself with something that brings you great pleasure. Such as a day off, or a package of chocolates.

Make a treat of yourself. Something that brings out your inner child. Really challenge yourself to think of something you would never do on your own. It could be something that you never ate before.

Don’t keep a change of clothes here and there. This is not the best way to motivate yourself. Be patient.

Keep it consistent. If you can stick with a process long enough, it becomes the new pattern.

Make a list. Write down all the steps you need to follow to have the habit gone for good.