How To Dry Food Using A Tarp

This tip isn’t just for camping, but for your home. Dry food can get a lot bigger and messier if it becomes damp in the dryer. Tarp can hold in moisture while you’re still able to use it.

Using our “How To Keep Dishes Tidy In The Drying Rack” video, we’re sharing two practical and simple tips. The first is the use of a dry towel to catch any dripping water when you’re using the dryer. Now that we know it works, we have one last tip in our arsenal for maintaining a taut dry line. As we learned in our video, a few items you’ll need for this tip include a large, flat bottomed, plastic food storage container or storage bag, and a wide-mouth, plastic, metal metal or plastic ladle. You can use another type of container that will fit in your drying rack if you still have this one.

You can use one of these containers for each item you want to dry. You can easily transfer the contents from the container to the rack so you can use it with a ladle.

Next, it is best to dry the food in a hot, dry area. This can be done with a blanket on a table. If you have nothing convenient around, you can do the drying in your vehicle (if in range), but make sure you keep the window open while you’re on the road. If you don’t have any kind of cooling window you can use anything that will allow your clothing to dry out. In this case, dry everything out in the room you’re going to use it in and leave it alone a few hours before you plan to use it. This can also be done on the back deck of your house, but you could also use the garage.

Once the food is dried out, this tip is just for keeping your tented food area in order when using the drying rack. You will need an aluminum or stainless-steel spatula or spoon for each serving. The first serving will be served on the side, and the more it dries out, the hotter and drier it is. If you’re serving a salad or similar salad with a side of pasta, place the lid on the container for this, especially if you’re serving them for people who know how to eat salads. Then, use a spatula or spoon, and remove the lid. Then, add your pasta. Then, put it back into the container. It should dry out quite a bit.

This last tip is especially important the last time you use your drying rack. We recommend that you don’t dry your food on the counter or on the countertop, but we also know sometimes you can’t or won’t. We’re going to suggest one of the most common places. So let’s just say, if you have something that is a bit wet with liquid you like to eat, don’t leave it in your dryer. Instead, get a small container of the same sort which only holds a small amount of liquid and put it on the drying rack just before you use it. Now, this way you can make sure you’ve dried out everything and the food is ready to use when you go to use it.

And that’s all!  We hope you find that this tip works for you, and that you can enjoy your dishes dry and tidy when you’re done with them.  Stay tuned for other tips from us and our video! Don’t forget, you get a bonus tip when you subscribe from just $1.  And if you’re not convinced, check out our YouTube channel and watch “How To Keep Dishes Tidy In The Drying Rack”.   And if you find this tip helpful, please share!

How To Keep Dishes Dry In The Drying Rack

You can use any container you want!  It’s the kind of simple, handy and cost-effective tip that can help you achieve a more finished look, while you’re using the drying rack.