How To Eat Like A Caveman

I believe eating well makes you a better person.

By making sure you eat a healthful diet and exercising (as necessary), you become more capable, resilient, and even stronger. As I move into an environment that more resembles my cave lifestyle, this has been and continues to be very evident, and it’s the reason why it’s important for me to continue to work hard at staying healthy. It is also very evident in how I spend my time between the couch and the fridge because I’m no longer constantly eating unhealthy foods and I’m eating real food. That makes me feel good about myself and it’s a great motivator for me to exercise, because I’m always working on being better. If I do my best, I won’t want to eat less, and I’ll probably lose a little weight in the process, but I’m never satisfied and my hunger is never satisfied. This will be especially difficult for me with my weight and waist issues. Since moving into a cave, I’ve been eating well and exercising regularly. I still have a long way to go, but I know with a little work, I can get there and I’m not looking back.

The cave I live in has an outdoor kitchen with a fridge in the living room. This means whenever I’m hungry, I don’t need to get out of the house, eat junk food, or anything else and eat in the dark. I simply sit down on my couch and cook my own meals. Not only am I happy and satisfied, but my mood is high and I’m also much more focused, creative, and motivated at work than I’ve ever been. This really helps me with the rest of the world’s problems because I can do whatever it is I need to do to help the world, and it will be the most important thing I do, for me and the planet. The other benefit of my cave lifestyle is I live with four other cavepeople in a nice, close-knit family. It’s such a great team.

I’ve made a lot of money off social media while I was in college and working in corporate America. However, I recently decided to stop making so much money when I started working at an independent digital agency. However, I was still able to make a pretty decent living using Facebook Ads, and I did some consulting work as a result. The consulting work really got me started doing the blogging full time and got me going, because there are a ton of amazing bloggers around the world doing so much great work and I want to be a part of that community. It also got me out of my slump and inspired me to keep getting better. However, at this point, I’m not using any advertising networks except Facebook Ads because of so much negative feedback about those services from people I know, so I’m not sure what the future of advertising actually holds on an individual level. I will continue to use the internet and blogs for my personal success, because I need it, but I’ll also try to find other ways of making money, whether that’s through consulting, consulting gigs, or even just getting some freelance work for an occasional project.

It’s been a rough couple of years and I feel better at 35 than I have in many years, but I don’t want to just give up.

In my mid twenties, I’d work a couple of hours a day, go to my local gym, and do abs every day. 

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been getting into some pretty intense yoga, Pilates, and weightlifting. I’m not sure how much of a result it’ll have when I’ve reached my mid 30s, but I’ve certainly noticed a huge difference from the way I thought I was going about things when I was in my mid twenties. I feel like I’m more in control of my life. Everything about my life is a lot calmer for me. I’ve been having great sex with a girl I met in college, got married to last year, and started a family with. I’ve been really active in my local community at church, and been a part of my community’s planning for the next generation and making sure people don’t fall through the cracks.