How To Feel The Joy Of Cooking

With a few simple rules that we can apply to every situation, everything in our lives will be joyful.

We are taught that when we sit down to cook we are to work at it until we create the most delicious food that anyone will enjoy. When we practice the “Rule Of Three” we discover we have a vast amount of potential in our mind for creating any meal we can imagine. For most people, the joy of cooking comes from their own creativity and desire to create their own dishes with their own creativity. For others it may be a deep connected to their tribe or a deep connection to nature. It is important to discover the joy you can feel while having delicious food.

The first rule of three is

The “Rules Of Three” is the framework of making art. For every idea we come up with, we should try to find what are the three best ways to put the idea into practice. As each idea is explored and tested, we should develop some sense of how we could build our own version of that idea. If we follow this rule we may come up with a new approach for how to cook something. 

We create a new way of looking at anything in our work. We often come up with new “rules” or methods of expression when we work.

We come up with new recipes and ideas when we play with our food. When our child gets bored with their homework, and they need something to do before bedtime, they can go around with sticks or twigs poking at the ground in a game of “caveman.” 

We use different methods to create art to create new worlds. We can create an artistic expression of a new way of looking at something. When we are cooking, we come up with unique ways to prepare that food, sometimes a new way of cooking it for a restaurant, another dish at home, or a new way to make it for dinner for one. 

We create a new way for ourselves to express our own creativity in the day to day. It can be a way to help make our way as a person to be a little louder, be a little more assertive, a little more outgoing, or a little more energetic. It may even mean that we are a bit more creative while doing our everyday jobs. When we are eating we can create something new through an interesting presentation, or a unique presentation, or a new way to prepare it. There are endless new ways to express our creativity in the “Rules Of Three.”

This is your life. You can create whatever you want to create in this world through creative expression.

Your life is yours to do in whatever manner you decide to do it. I’ve listed some examples above of how to apply my ideas.

The “Rules Of Three.” Use their “rules”. Apply this framework to every decision, every step you take, to how you look at every situation. Create the rules for each dish in your life by following the three rules. You can use this framework to find new and exciting ways to cook, to create art, and to experience your own creativity. You want to create the rules of your world. You want to create one.