How To Find A Better Job

I used to hire people to keep my books off the shelf; now my kids and I do it for each other. A big part of life is understanding others’ perceptions and needs, which leads to better performance and more satisfied customers. The biggest reason to find a manager or HR person who cares is because it’s about them; that’s what it’s all about. If it’s another person who’s actually on top, it’s about you. And that’s great.

One of the easiest and quickest things you can do to make your workplace more productive is to get everyone focused on their individual goals. In my own business, I’ve always had a very open and honest relationship with everyone about what I needed done, and that means people are always coming in with their own ideas and solutions. The best way to do that is to have the power of the entire company behind those ideas, and be willing to let your subordinates take a turn at leading.

If you’re not working with your team, you’re not achieving the things you should be achieving. ┬áMake it your goal to be working together. Don’t worry about who comes up with first idea, or who comes up with best solution. Everyone should own the ideas and work with the rest of the team to arrive there. No one should have to be the problem solver while the others are doing their thing. And, if all you want is a little extra money, try negotiating for better rates for each product or service. There’s not enough money going around for everyone, so you really should try to work on bringing some more in.

The other great way to boost the productivity of a team or organization is to make sure the people you employ are highly disciplined and able to do what they do. My wife and I both worked on long-term projects for years before becoming successful business owners, and both were absolutely terrified of deadlines or even planning meetings and presentations. You might think, “Yeah, I’ve done it all my life.” I’m talking about being a college teacher, then a college professor, and finally an entrepreneur starting an online business. After I built a successful software company, it’s really no surprise that managing a team of six people was far, far tougher than managing three. But I still found that I could take those people under my wing, and they were always willing to try their best to deliver what I asked for.

Another big part of working through a problem or project is to listen and share the ideas. Sometimes, the solution may not come from your best person, and it may come from someone else. It may not even come in that form. But the best way to work through a problem is to find those who are the best answer. That way, if they stumble, you can help them by offering constructive criticism. This will help them to improve their solutions, too. It really is just a matter of getting everyone you know to put in the time to contribute their best.

Finally, never feel entitled to your best time. It takes time to build something in its life span–a new product, an online business, you name it. Sometimes you’re the team member who came up with the best idea, or perhaps someone came up with the solution faster or easier than you thought; but the important thing is that everyone is working together to make it happen. And that’s the ultimate goal–to all accomplish what they can, working as a team.