How To Find Healthy Lifestyle Modifications That Work

To be healthy, we need to have healthy habits. The good news is, most of us are starting to take the first small steps to make healthier lifestyle modifications.

When it comes to lifestyle modification — especially with chronic illnesses — there are some guidelines that we can go by from experience of those who have tried a given strategy. But there’s always the danger that you may not be one of them. So, a healthy lifestyle modification you can try on your own is the one that works best for you, and the one that suits your own unique needs and personalities. Here’s something I found in researching to make a habit of keeping exercise: the number that you should do every day. It’s called ‘the 10,000 steps’. The number you should be getting closer and closer to on a daily basis as you become more physically active, and the closer to the number you can remember to do is the number you should. A good way to start would be to think of the 10,000 steps that you’ll need to complete every day. Start with 2,000 and work your way up to 20,000, or as close to 20,000 as you can comfortably stick to and survive without falling asleep with a heavy heart. For more details on these tips on exercise and getting to a healthier lifestyle, see my new book, The Healthiest Man in the World.

If you’ve already started to work your way up to 20,000 steps, you need to take extra steps in the right direction. If you start out with the 10,000 steps, but then decide you want to do 20,000, you have to do another 30,000 steps before you move on to doing the next 10,000. Doing this on a day-to-day basis is easy to do — you could use your wrist watch, and write something like 25,000 on the display every day, for example. Just note down the numbers you see and put them towards the beginning, as they approach the number of steps you are trying to get to. Don’t forget not all days are going to be as busy as these, especially during the week. If you have trouble sticking to the plan and keeping up the pace, see my video on how to do it here .

What about going from 30,000 to 40,000 in a day? I’m not so sure. Perhaps you would take 10,000 steps, and then take 20,000 on the following days while not falling asleep? My recommendation is to take one day at 30,000 steps (if all goes well), and take 15,000 on the following day, etc. etc.

I’m a big fan of making one big goal. My best friend, Julie, and I call these ‘Big Goals’.

This is one of mine. I’m hoping to make a big difference in my health and lifestyle over a long period of time.

My second goal is not only to gain weight-loss success but also to be able to stop eating junk foods. Julie and I have this big goal that if we make a huge change in one area, we would make that change within the rest of our lives. This is one that we are currently working towards.

My third goal is to start working on becoming more productive.

A lot of my friends and I often meet up and have long discussions on our thoughts and problems, which can be a great source of inspiration. I really like it when they ask,

‘What are you going to do today?’

‘I don’t know yet. I just made up my mind that I’m going to work on being a little more productive today.’

‘Wow! What are you doing?’

‘I’d prefer to work on my productivity, but if you’d like to work together and have fun together, you know what I mean?’

‘That’s great to hear. I’ll see you at 5 p.m. then.’

‘Thanks again for that! I’ll see you at 7 p.m.’

‘Have a great time!’

So, what are some of the best habits you have picked up from others?

I’d really appreciate you writing in and sharing those ideas with us.