How To Find Purpose In Your Life

A life of meaningless, meaningless distraction has been an ugly reality of many of us for far too long.

What is it truly and fundamentally “meaningful” to live? There are many answers to this question, and no one definition fits all who live and die. In some cases, purpose can be found right from where we are sitting on the couch. Perhaps in some spiritual traditions it will even help in the next life. But, for most of us, the answer lies elsewhere. Maybe we are on borrowed time, a product of some cosmic joke, and we have no way back. If that is the case, then one must simply discover that what defines us is the only thing we can ever “know,” and not try and change who we are in order to fit the mold of a “normal” life. This may not necessarily mean that we have to leave our job, put things on hold, move all over, or start living outside of our comfort zone. I believe, and I’ve been here before, that all we have to do is take some really, really good care of ourselves, and if we do, everything else becomes a non-issue. Life will be so peaceful, so fulfilling,… and everything else will fade away.

The way I see it, when you look into the future with that much clarity, you will realize that most of the activities you take on today are, in fact, nothing more than temporary detours, and the results are not all that meaningful.

In my own life, I have found that what really matters most is actually making the right, intentional choices in the here and now and living it that way. I have found many reasons to live the best life possible. I’ve made friends. I’ve found a great place in college, gotten married and become the father of a beautiful little girl. I’m the guy on the team, the guy who does pretty well. I’m pretty happy with how things have turned out so far.

However, the real reason I continue to find purpose in my life is the love of my daughter. If only I could have known when I sat down where her life would go, and the paths that would lead me there. Had I known the exact date the baby would be born, or the day that I’d get married and move into the new house, or if I’d even had a chance to get pregnant, I probably would have decided differently.

But, I am here, in fact, and that is all I can ever hope for, and the day that she is born, will be the first day I start living the way I truly want to live. It will be the first time I’ve been able to do something “wrong” and find in the end that I won’t lose my soul, because I was just doing it the way my Heavenly Father wanted me to.

Today may also be the day I start working out again. As if working out wasn’t fulfilling enough. As if that wasn’t enough work.

Today will also be the day I stop being selfish. The way I see it, I’m all-encompassing. I take everyone into my heart, and if someone ever needs something from me, I need to give it to them. No one is ever going to take that from me, and I don’t have to accept that. If anything, I’m blessed to be the husband and father that I am, and to feel the love and acceptance from parents, teachers, children, and friends. I’ve learned to accept and love everyone.

Today I will not only be doing my part in taking care of my family, but the love I have for them and those who will forever depend on them, all around me. I will be doing my part to bring them, and the world in general, closer together. It will be an easier task as I will still be going through the same things that I was going through in my youth, though it will be just a little easier, and it will also likely be much more meaningful to witness. I can look forward to many more years of being around family and friends, and hopefully one day, we can all see each other again.

My own life will be an endless stream of beautiful memories and moments shared with those who’ve always believed in me, no matter the size, age, or state of mind we may have in the past.