How To Find Your Authentic Self

How do we get to the real you and stop being someone we think we are? I am so tired of being my own therapist. It is so important that I become a true guide to my own journey! My best practice for finding your authentic self is to have an honest and open space in which to discuss the parts and parts that I feel like I need to work on. I am so happy to find my path through what I am now, and have so much to help those that want to walk the same path.

Why do we spend this much time and energy hiding away from who we are? There are many good reasons to do this. One, we don’t want to have to change who we are in order to be accepted or likeable by those around us. Two, we don’t want those around us to have to change. Three, we can be quite unhappy because we don’t really know who we are. These three reasons are the reason why so many of us are hiding who we really are. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or have a sense of failure. To do this, we hide who we can and can’t be.

This is how I was hiding in the past. My life revolved around work and my partner’s business. I rarely did any of the small things in my life, such as go to the market to pick up nuts. I hid from myself and I hid from others. I hid to survive.

This is what I’m hiding from today. I am finally happy. My heart is filled with happiness and my mind has no worries or doubts.

And these are the main things I’m hiding from these past few months.

What happens when we hide and run away from the real me? It’s like we are giving into ourselves and stopping being who we can be. We turn into someone we know we are not. We become afraid of what people will think and do when they learn who we really are. We hide in fear. Fear of judgment , fear of the world, fear of being lonely. The list goes on and on. Once we start hiding, it never ends. How do we stop this from happening? By being open about who we are. To be real about who we are and what makes us tick!

Being “real”, it means that we have to open to ourselves. It’s not just the parts we don’t like or that we don’t really like. We have to open to the parts that we are just happy and content living. We still want our identity to be who we are. How can we find happiness and contentment with a life as real as we can possibly be?

In being real, we are doing the hard work necessary to find all the parts of ourselves that we’ve been hiding and refusing to share with others. We know that life as we know it is not the life we want to live. But, it is the life we need to live – to change our life, one step at a time. No one can make you happy or content unless they open their hearts, minds, and minds to you. And, the only way to do this is by learning to give ourselves permission to be who we truly are.

Our deepest hidden secrets are hiding in our past and in the relationships we have been avoiding. Being honest and open about our past and our present will expose all the parts that we have been avoiding. What happens is we start to live our lives by discovering parts that we never knew we had, and learning from them. There are parts of ourselves we don’t want to share with anyone or share in a relationship.

That would be like having a great relationship with someone who never asked you the hard questions. It is the same with our past. It is not the parts we don’t like that keep us from being authentic. It is the parts that we don’t want to let anyone see. There are parts of the past that we can’t live without. And, these are the parts we are afraid to share. This goes back to the reason why people don’t trust their own heart. It’s the same reason that we hide who we really are! If someone wants to spend time with us, we can spend time in an open and honest way.

Just getting to know how to have a honest, open conversation with yourself and being honest with yourself is the difference between happiness and loneliness. The things we are holding onto to hide who we are will never bring happiness. We are not worth living so we will never know how to be happy. But, there is happiness if we can open up and be open to the things that we are. We are better off when we are honest with ourselves and can finally be honest with others.

A few months ago, I found that I was spending all of my time at my computer.