How To Find Your Path After Bad Decisions

It all comes down to finding your path and following it. The right people, the right people, and the right path can bring you any job you’re looking for, any relationship you’re willing to spend time with, any person you want to share your life with.

It is important not to rush into anything and to always go with your gut feeling on things. For example, if you know that a job sounds appealing, but you’re not certain that you can commit to it, then take a break. It may just be you are ready for a break. Sometimes, you need to give life a chance to settle before you commit to anything. There is a feeling in your gut, just like your instincts: it’s the feeling of being “on your soul,” not “on the money.” You need to experience the “out” for a while before you commit. But when you are ready to commit, get down a path and go. If you have an idea that sounds great, then commit and move forward. If you truly feel that the path seems to be leading you down a dead end, then commit. Do not waste time asking yourself if you really need this and if you’ll make it. If you are 100% sure that you won’t make the right decision, do not commit. Commit and move forward. If you have to do some gut checking on your decision, then do.  Go ahead. You have absolutely found the right person. If there are no obvious signs that we are committed to the journey — no clear roadmap to follow — then we can take the time to make some hard decisions and go for it.

As we have always said, “The path is not set in concrete, but the paths we take are.” When you have decided to commit to the next step of your life, you have made a real decision. There is no going back. This is a step that you take today. And you might see an opportunity or opportunity that is right in front of you. You may have to wait to commit to the right person, or the right job, or the right thing because you have no idea what it is. But once you commit, you are free to make whatever steps that you see to be best for you, and you are fully committed to the next steps of your life.

When You Commit

It will require some effort, but it’s just a question of going with your gut.   It will help you when you feel like you are heading down the wrong path. It will help you understand how to make the right decisions. At some point at the beginning of your life, it might feel almost like you are on a journey that the universe is forcing upon you.

The next morning, it can feel like a lot of effort. It may be difficult to get out of bed. But it’s nothing. The journey is just the steps of a much bigger journey. It is the process of being on the “wrong” path of an endeavor that you truly believe in.

Do you know of anyone who has committed to a dream and then has not had the results they were anticipating? For most, it’s not a big deal. For those who are committed to pursuing their vision, the struggle is a bit different.

You are going to fall, sometimes. Every journey is difficult. It will be just as important to go out of your way to go down that path when the time is right rather than letting things follow you.

Be strong and don’t give up. But if you want to have your dreams realized, you have to take the steps to go with it.

Take a week, a month, or a year off to get rid of that extra, old baggage. You will be stronger and you will be happier. You will always know exactly which path you took because you will have taken the time to understand exactly what the journey is all about.

I have seen so many of my clients that have given up on the path and then have decided to go back on the path the next day. That is so important. Take a day or week off to see where your life is. Do not rush back. Do not back track and try to do something you think will be right, and you will be sorry for it. 

Once you are done, then you have started to find where your path lies. And your destination is very clear. The journey is only a part of you, and as long as you are taking steps in the right direction, there are no dead ends.