How To Find Your Soulmate

While there are no guarantees in love, we do know one thing: it has nothing to do with genetics. It takes great effort, dedication, and love to live the life you want. In a sense, we never know who is our soul mate until we are in that exact relationship we envision.

When it comes to finding your soul mate, I don’t believe you can ever guess what someone else would find attractive in you. But there are some guidelines as to how you can search for the right fit, or as in this case, your soul mate.

First, get to know your current life partner.

Look into their past, present, ambitions, and hobbies and activities and see what they’re passionate about. This will give you a good idea of what your life partner is passionate about.

Look into the interests and talents of the other person.

If you and your life partner are not close, see if you can get a good sense of their talents, interests, and passions by speaking on the phone or meeting in person.

If you are not sure about what to say, I highly recommend reading this blog post about different types of conversations. For example, when I met Mr. Jones, he told me that he would like something like a podcast that could explain all of the intricacies of business to people just starting out in business.

Learn as much about your life partner as you can.

This sounds simple, but it’s critical to figure out the basics of your relationship before you begin creating a dating profile . If you have never been intimate with your partner, take at least a couple of months off from each other’s lives. This will give you time to develop mutual friendships, bond with family members, and even just spend some time with each other in between dates.

When I got to know Mr. Jones, he was a musician, and that really opened up our relationship to new ways of thinking around a lot of common issues and troubles we faced at various points in our lives.

If you’re close friends with someone, be the person to introduce him/her to your potential soul mate.

If your friendship with one or both of your partners is something you’ve always had, your life partner should have a good idea about what you are like. This can be in person or through your mutual friends.

Do some research on other dating profiles.

I’ve said before, but it’s worth repeating. Look into a dating profile of others and get to know what they look for and what not to look for. In my case, I saw that Mr. Jones is a big believer of finding partners through networking.

Look for traits that make you and your future soul mate compatible.

One of the ways a partner can tell if she or he is a good match is by looking for common traits. For example, Mr. Jones told me that I have a good relationship with my dad, was a great soccer player growing up, and I enjoy going out to parties. That was all well and good, but to be honest that didn’t impress me.

Instead, I went for Mr. Jones in that he said that being the kind of person who would be nice to have around, who enjoys a drink with friends, and having a bit of a night on the town every now and then – these are exactly the qualities that attracted him to me and is what I look for in the type of partner.

In this case, common traits, but not so different.

After you’ve worked out some commonalities with your future soul mate, start creating your dating profile.

The more information you can share about each of you in your profile, the better equipped you’ll be to find someone who wants to be with you.