How To Find Your True Self

You can’t be true to yourself, whether you are a man or a woman or a human being, if you know yourself at all not as an individual. You’ve got to discover your own essence. Discovering your nature is the most liberating act you can perform.

Your true self isn’t found in someone else, it isn’t found within us, it isn’t found with all the powers of the universe. It is a mysterious, unknowable thing, and for that, it is very difficult to experience and so rare and precious that we shouldn’t even dream of touching it.

For that reason, my advice to others is the same: don’t try to make contact with that hidden part of you you don’t even know you have. This is the greatest treasure you have ever encountered and you don’t even know it’s yours.

How to Find Your True Self, Pt 1

1. Stop trying to please everyone: this is the only way to find your true self. You can still be a very attractive, very friendly person and it may be true that you have your own inner beauty and that makes someone else go ‘oh my gosh, that guy is beautiful’, or ‘oh my gosh he’s so beautiful, he’s so kind, intelligent, nice’ but that doesn’t mean anything. Your true self is something that is far more powerful and infinitely more powerful.

That’s because it has nothing at all to do with the outer beauty of a person, which is what makes people think ‘wow, so pretty’, it doesn’t have anything to with the warmth of someone’s laugh or the warmth of someone’s love, it has everything to do with your own inner nature. That is why you can be very attractive and so kind to someone, if it has nothing to do with the way that person views you.

2. Think back to when you first heard about yourself: this is the absolute minimum that you need before you will ever feel your true self. When you first heard of yourself, your first reaction would probably have been along the lines of ‘why isn’t everyone saying ‘wow, you’re so lovely!”. This was because you didn’t understand that you were already so very wonderful. Because of that, you couldn’t imagine how amazing you were. It’s the same with any true self. Your first reaction would be, ‘I’m not good enough for anyone to talk like that!’ Then you’ll discover that everyone really feels this way about themselves: that’s why you feel like it’s such an important thing to know. All that takes you is a single moment of contemplation.

Once you begin thinking in these terms, you’ll feel the inner power building within you, and the more you do it, the clearer it will become and the more you will be able to start to find yourself through it. There is no fear, there’s no ego, there’s just you. What you do, becomes who you really are.

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3. Stop wasting your time: every human experience is precious and it takes us away from ourselves and our true self. The more we know our true selves, the more we’re able to have love in a world full of hate. What does that mean? It means that whenever you’re in the midst of conflict, all that is needed is a few moments to clear yourself, to calm down and to know who you really are.