How To Get A Better Sex Drive

We know the sex and relationships that work best for couples are those that bring us together and keep them together. But if the sex is good, and we both know it is, then that doesn’t always mean a successful relationship, at least from an emotional standpoint. And when this happens, it is a huge barrier to having more relationships and having good sex in general.

Most guys know that it is good to have sex on a regular basis. While they know it is also important to focus on your relationship with your partner, many of them don’t know how to manage that emotion, to make sure they are being present on a personal level.

In this article, we want to break down the three most common emotional patterns that come up when you have a good, regular sex life, but in an “off” cycle.

The 3 Most Common Emotions That Come Up When You Have Good Sex

The First Emotion: The Sex Is Awesome

How often do you get to have a great sex show? One time, maybe? Well, in most cases it will be the first time, the one time that will be the best because most guys have not been in situations where there is no drama. But once in a while, you may get the chance to show more than you have ever shown before. The thing about these “once in a while” sex shows is that the “once in a while” is often a situation that is far from ideal in the long run. Let’s talk about a few scenarios where the good sex is not great or the sex is awesome.

The Sex Is Great Until the Drama Comes It takes a while to develop sex because it depends on your emotions at the time. Even when it’s good sex, your emotions are always running low. As these emotions run low, they can result in feelings of anger in the moment, or they can develop into feelings of jealousy when you think that you are being taken advantage of. This is a good way to have sex that isn’t really great because if your emotions are getting a little out of control in the moment, you will almost always regret your actions later.

The Sex Is Awesome Until The Drama Comes You may see the same scenario again and again. If you are on a regular regular sex schedule and you see the same situation every week, it can become an obsession with you. With your mind set on trying to get the best sex you can possibly have until your emotions are all over the place. As your emotions run high, your sexual performance and satisfaction will continue to suffer because your mind is trying to “fix” whatever was wrong with the situation.

That first feeling of excitement on the bedroom floor when you have a great sex show is awesome. And if the excitement is constant in this situation, it means your performance and satisfaction will improve. But what if you don’t see that “joy” on the other side in your partner or the bed? What if you have to wait for this level of excitement to start building inside of you again? What if that excitement just doesn’t happen anymore? If the excitement is gone, you may have an even bigger problem than not having a good sex show.

Some guys might think, “If the sex isn’t great, it’s not because I am not being present enough.” And while that may be true in the moment, that same thought process may also contribute to other feelings that come up after the sex. And by being in the moment for a long period of time, and by not reacting emotionally to the situation, you will let your emotions run rampant on you, leaving you in a place where they make it impossible to ever build your sex life that much better.

The Sex Is Awesome Until the Drama Comes Sometimes you will see the same sex situation over and over with the same person.