How To Get A Clear, Balanced View Of Your Life

We’re constantly bombarded with the negative, the meaningless and the irrelevant. We need to see our lives clearly, and not be blinded by negativity and fear. The most recent study indicates that people who can truly see what is important and valuable in their lives fare significantly better in life. And most importantly, that the more they truly understand what makes them happy, the less they fall victim to depression and unhappiness. For the study, people were asked to view a series of photographs on how happy they thought their life was, and how they personally feel about these events.

What has always fascinated me are the images and ideas of ancient Greek philosophers like Plato and Aristotle. Their teachings are fascinating, and help us put our mental and psychological lives into perspective. They offer a balanced, clear view of life, as one of their followers, Plato of Acadia, put it: “Life is just a series of trials, and we should be aware of that fact, not get carried away by it.”

This book is written in such a way as to help give the reader a clear, straightforward view of life. And I’m very interested in the life of a young child – the process the child goes through from the time they are born up until the time they reach puberty. What is the child learning at each age, and can these experiences, both good and bad change their view of life? 

The author will also explain why certain circumstances may affect the way the human mind perceives certain situations – a mother and her child for example. 

This book will be especially helpful for parents who want to know what is really important to their child – and will be an essential resource for parents trying to deal with children in a troubled manner.

This book is a must-read for any parent. And for anyone who wants to give their child a clear, balanced view of life, this is definitely one of the best books in the market. 

The book was written with the purpose of helping parents find happiness in their lives. And in order to make this book as effective as possible, some additional insights have been added to the book. The most basic insights include:

1.  The purpose of life, and its benefits.

2. The importance of friendship.

3.  The importance of the mother/father relationship.

4.  The importance of the family.

5.  The value of education.

6. The way of life for each generation.

7. The importance of marriage.

8. The differences in culture.

9.  The benefits of education.

10. The importance of family.

11. The benefits of social support.

12.  The importance of work.

13. The importance of the natural environment.

14. The need for the family.

15. The importance of education.

This text is in an attractive paperback format with a black and pink cover. It weighs about 10 kilograms and is 8-9cm in thickness.

The book comes complete.


1. The Complete Book – Book One: Life-in-itself 

2. The Complete Book – Book Two: Life-sustaining Relationships 

3. The Complete Book – Book Three: Life’s Importance 

4. The Complete Book – Book Four: Life’s Meaning 

The book comes with an appendix listing  a number of useful websites. 

There is also a bonus book that will help you to find the “hidden happiness book”. 

This book is  a   must-read!

This book will help parents, students, parents with young children or grandchildren  to find a clear, balanced view of life, and will be an invaluable resource for parents trying to deal with children in a troubled manner. This book will give you  the basic insights, plus  the practical tips that will help you  get unstuck and keep your focus on your life’s purpose. 

This book is in an attractive paperback format with a black and white print, and has been designed with a sturdy binding.

The book weighs about 2 kg and is 7-10cm in thick.