How To Get A Shampoo That Looks Like Water

Many of us think that shampoo sticks are a necessity. Not always! Take your shampoo of, because not enough people know that when a shampoo stick is used it will produce a watery, murky liquid.

If you’re looking to get into the world of grooming, you need some shampoo that looks like water. Luckily, the staff at How To Do Things knew that you can transform any bottle of shampoo into water with this simple trick. You can now clean any shampoo using the method featured above on the How To Do Things website.

We’ve had a lot of readers asking us about getting a shampoo stick that looks like water in the past. In addition to the above trick, there are three other tips that can be useful in getting a nice shampoo that looks like water.

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How To Get a Shampoo That Has the Same Look as Water

  The first tip we want to talk about is how to get a shampoo that resembles water in appearance. Here’s how:

1. Let your shampoo dry

 How to get a shampoo that resembles water

In your dry shampoo, put a few drops of water to dry. If you’re using a water-based shampoo like Aveeno, the shampoo will begin to make bubbles. If your shampoo is not the water-based variety, you need to make sure that at least a tiny amount of water is left. If you try and dry it completely with the help of a towel and airbrushing, your final product will not be water-ish. Also, remember that your shampoo won’t look like the water-y shampoo, it will more resemble water on your hair for a long period.  

2. Dry a shower cap

 How to get a shampoo that resembles water

Drying your shampoo cap will give it a final look similar to water and helps your shampoo stand out. The dry shampoo also makes sense, as the water will have been left in it for a long time, after you’ve already put it in the shower. If you wash the shampoo cap, you’ll need to dry it after you apply. When you put the cap on your shampoo, make sure it is not too close to your hair.

3. Wash the rinse out

 How to get a shampoo that mimics water

When washing out the rinse, don’t use shampoo or conditioner; just water. Wash the entire hair with a gentle scrub and let it dry naturally. If you do have hair treatment or oil on, try not to use it as you don’t want to kill the natural oils on your hair; just rinse out the shampoo.  Do not use hair paste or conditioner. 

How To Get a Shampoo That Doesn’t Look Like Water

  3. Don’t touch your shampoo

 How to get a shampoo that doesn’t look like water.

While washing with water may give you the appearance of a water-like shampoo, the next thing to remember is that water-based shampoos aren’t actually water-based. The problem is that water-based shampoos are applied directly to the hair. This can give the wrong appearance because when the shampoo is being pulled through the cuticle hairs in hair, it produces water. When applied to the hair it becomes the wrong consistency, and the shampoo won’t actually make a difference. As such, don’t touch the shampoo with your hands.  This step is optional, but it can help with the look of water.