How To Get Healthy Without Exercise

If you really want to shed pounds and keep them off, you need exercise. For some and many of us, it’s just as easy to put off exercising as to not exercise at all. But we cannot do this until we understand how exercise, and in fact other healthy habits, really work.

While exercise does have health benefits, there is more to exercise than being fit, toned and strong — or even sexy (the kind of guy that likes to run, swim and bike in the rain). Exercise is a very personal, holistic journey when it comes to improving your overall health.

So here are some tips (or tips and tricks) to help you do the most good without doing the least amount of exercise. 

The Best Way to Exercise Without Doing Much at All

The first and most important rule for healthy exercise is to do everything for “health” reasons.

“I just want to be healthy”; “I wish my muscles would move”; “I want to look good in my own skin”; “I feel so good knowing that I am doing that”.

These are health reasons, but they are only the tip of the iceberg.

What you might not be thinking about are some of the other negative and unintended benefits, in terms of a person’s physical and emotional well-being, that regular exercise can have.

You might remember reading about the negative things that can happen to people who have no exercise, yet exercise is often the best medicine we have to prevent these problems.

Here are six good reasons to improve your exercise without ever doing much at all.

The Benefits of Exercise Without Doing Much at All

1. Exercise Is Highly Sensitive to Your Environment

There are many benefits to getting plenty of quality sleep, and if you aren’t sleeping well enough, you are more likely to have a bad, unhealthy experience with your exercise.   If you don’t get enough sleep, your body is less able to use muscle and energy because the body is not recovering properly.

On top of that, exercise tends to be more effective if a person is in more natural, un-stressed and balanced environments such as the outdoors, in a warm, safe environment, in front of a good television set or video monitor, for example.

That being said, do exercise in a safe environment and in a controlled setting. The more stress you put on your body by trying out all of the latest workout gear and workout videos, the more you will be putting it on your body.

2. Most Exercises Don’t Work for Everyone and Even Then, It’s Difficult To Say, “This Is For Me”

Even though we know that our body is capable of improving and adapting to the demands of an exercise routine, there comes a point when some people just can’t or won’t do anything to improve their exercise.

The key is to understand that while “you are not special” at all, your body is capable of being different. You are not born into the exact same physical state as somebody else, no matter how physically demanding your situation might be.

The same applies to exercise. Exercise is a personal endeavour, and you have to do it with an attitude of respect. It’s about being happy and healthy, and being fit and healthy are not the same thing.

3. “Happiness” Isn’t A Factor In Exercise — The Right Situation Can Make All The Difference

Exercise is a personal venture, and it really is just that — a personal endeavour. This is why in order to exercise efficiently, you need to understand your body and give it your maximum effort. If you don’t, you can’t do it well.

There are many variables that interact with exercise including your health, environment, motivation and your physical status.