How To Get More Out Of Life

Every minute is your last, because it’s a gift to you. And the gift is about choices–the choice to choose yourself, your destiny and your future, and take charge so you don’t have to live a life that doesn’t excite you.  In short–the gift is taking time over things and living for the moment.

A lot of people go through a cycle where they have this kind of “perfect” relationship where it’s all the time they want and it just feels right and that’s where they’re at. There’s a bunch of advice out there that can be really helpful for finding that love, and it’s about this one idea. You don’t have to be a robot and that you do actually have agency over your life so that even though it might always feel like you’re being controlled, it’s not necessarily true… you do have an impact… on your experience and you do have an impact on others.

And so, the idea that everything that people around you do in every minute of the day is so important is really liberating and gives you an incredible amount of freedom. It’s really awesome to say “Hey I want to decide what I want to make my life, when I want to make my life and I want to choose my destiny and I want to make choices so that whatever happens I’m doing what I want rather than reacting in the hopes of getting something else out of life.”

Your life doesn’t have to be all about you… it can be about other things.

When I say this it might sound really cheesy. I’m thinking about a certain time of a certain year and I’m thinking about a few friends of mine who were involved in this kind of scene that we were in and in that particular year, we all had different interests and different things in our lives that were important to us.  So they were all just like “Hey you should do this,” or “Hey you should do that” but because we’d known each other so long and just known our interests, there were other people in our lives that were also like “Hey don’t do this, don’t do this, don’t do this.” It was all about the “Hey, you should do this” or “Hey this will be exciting.”

“Oh how awesome would it be if I got to do my music?  How wonderful.  So exciting.”

It was weird because all of the time, I was a musician.  I was not making it very clear to the people in my life. And so they were all like, “Well what are you up to?” “Well I’m doing what the music is like”.  It’s easy enough to make music but it doesn’t have to be.

There are so many other things that you can do. So to take charge and to do that, it’s a really powerful thing to do. It’s empowering and liberating, but then it’s also fun and enjoyable and it allows you to be involved with people and to have relationships and all the things that make life better.

And when we talk about relationships, I think a lot of people are like “Well I hate my partner and I hate my life and I hate my life’s choices.”

And you’re not alone. I mean I was that with my boyfriend too for awhile.  But if we look at all of the relationships in our lives, that’s what we’re trying to do, are we really getting our life together in all of our relationships?  You know… getting things done, getting what you want, and you’re being honest and not deceiving yourself and not lying. It’s a great way to grow spiritually and in a relationship.

I wish I could give you all of this stuff to do. I wish I could get to be the happiest person in the world and then I could just stop thinking for myself and just do that because then I wouldn’t have to worry about my choices or not making my choices.  But that’s impossible.