How To Get Past A Scruffy Beard: A Home Remedial Guide For Men

A proper wash and beard shampoo can help with these types of pesky ingrown beards.

If your beard is more than two weeks’out and your family has grown bored of its appearance because they feel you’re a “shambles,” give your beards a good, long, thorough bath with a shampoo like Dr. Bronner’s or an oil like Eucalan. Then, wash and beard in the bath, rinse well, and get ready for business. As always, when it comes to beard issues, hair is your most important asset. It’ll keep you a man and maintain your dignity. Use it well, friends.

A good beard shampoo may contain ingredients like oils and conditioning agents to help reduce beard breakage and keep your beard looking healthy and strong. When you take care of your beard in a professional manner, you can avoid the irritation and pain it can cause or get it to last longer. The following is a quick guide to a few of the most popular brands today.

Lathering Conditioner

Shaving foam will keep your beard wet for longer, but it can sting and scratch your skin if you forget to lather your beard. You shouldn´t be worried about skin irritation because you make your shaving oil from olive oil and other moisturizing ingredients, and the lather is very gentle.

If you do a lot of beard maintenance, go ahead and get the best beard shampoo known to man:

Mordicai Beard Shampoo ($20)

It’s the original and no doubt the best beard soap on the market today. Not only it contains all the essential oils and cleansing ingredients I mentioned above, but it has three main conditioning agents in it. It also contains a soothing Vitamin E, an amino acid (amino acids are the building blocks of protein), and the soothing botanical essential oils which work together to help minimize beard itch. This soap is recommended for men of all ages and has a wide range of beneficial scents to choose from.

Dr. Bronner’s Beard Balm ($8)

Bacon and Earl Grey aren’t very attractive qualities for a shaving cream, but the other ingredients make their mark. The shaving balm is oil-free and will be easy to use on your beard and your skin to prevent irritation and dryness.

Dr. Bronner’s Beard Balm is a top shelf beard grooming product and a must for every men’s grooming closet.

Nivea™ Beard Conditioner (Regular) ($24)

It’s great to look your best. It’s even better to feel your best. The beard cream is oil-free, but the essential oils and conditioning agents in it work together to moisturize.

The cream has a lovely, mild scent that will take your beard to a whole new level. It’s very similar to the formula for some of the expensive products you’ll find on the market, but the price really makes the difference. The bottle comes with a pump, which makes it easy to use and keeps it clean and fresh as a new scent comes on. The conditioner is a good all-around choice for men wanting a beard that looks good and feels fresh.

Aubrey Organics Beard Shampoo ($20)

If you want a strong, thick shampoos that will stay long, thick, and moisturized without losing the lather quality or making you feel like the beard is on something, then you need to check out Aubrey Organics Beard Shampoo and Conditioner . This is the first line of quality beard shampoos you’ll find here. They offer one-time use bottle and they are packaged in a sturdy tub to allow you to give a good cleansing rinse. It’s packaged in white plastic containers with a metal spout and is available in various scent options.