How To Get Rich In Real Life By Paying Attention To What You Pay Attention To

When it comes to money, many men and women can be pretty darned blind. It’s easy to be a victim of your environment by constantly looking for “the” shortcut that seems to yield the greatest returns, but it often doesn’t work out that way at all.  A lot of it just comes down to how you approach the topic.  Ask yourself: “What would my response be in this situation?”  Does your mind automatically gravitate toward a quick, easy, “cash in” solution?  If so, you are not going to achieve the results you want.

The next time you feel like you are a victim of being in the wrong profession, the wrong job, or the wrong financial market, remember that it’s important to be careful of what you pay attention to.  If you are working in a profession that doesn’t offer the highest return, that you will not be happy working in, then you are probably a victim of being in the wrong profession.   Then when that happens, you can quickly switch to another profession that offers you the highest return, and it’s always a much better career.  If you are in a career that will not offer you the returns you want, consider another career.  You can change careers anytime you feel like it.  Remember, as I mentioned above, the key is to learn the profession before you apply, and that’s not something you can do at a “work” site.  If you can pick a career in which you won’t be stressed out and feel the same amount of happiness every single day in a job, you will naturally be happy with the job that you pick for yourself.  Once you have picked the industry that you feel will allow you to be the best, pick the company that best fits your personality and work habits.  No, don’t get all philosophical about it, you’re trying to achieve happiness and you need to do something about it.

As you can see, the entire process is a lot like a game.  You have to look at the job you want, pick the company or industry that best fits you, the salary that you’re looking to get and the number of years you’re going to have to work.  That’s all it takes.  A successful career is based on having the most fun you can have while you’re working.  If you can’t have a lot of fun doing what you’re doing because of job stress and unhappiness, then there’s something wrong with you as a person.  The best thing about a successful career is that you have the ability to take this concept and apply it to a lot more careers and situations.

The best example of a successful career is my career currently.  I currently work for an accounting company and I do NOT make more than what I make working for another business that I used to work for.  I am not happy in that field at all, even though I work extremely hard for my company and am generally very well liked in the workplace.  I am happy at my current job because I can be in charge of a lot more than I would have been able to without the position on my resume, and I would be nowhere near as happy if I made significantly less than my competitors, although it would probably be great to have a few more years to enjoy my position now.  My career is also a good example because I don’t have to worry about job security, unemployment insurance, or having a spouse and kids that are dependent on me financially to make a living.  Yes, I do make less in my position, but I still have a very low salary and have the option to go back to school as long as I like and I’m getting decent degrees.  I’m not a millionaire, but if I wasn’t financially dependent on someone and wanted to change jobs, I am able to do so and my salary is lower, too.  In all likelihood, I would have moved up the ranks of the department, worked for several years as an entry level employee and maybe not gotten a high salary or an opportunity to move into management, but I would still be a very happy person.   I had to work my way all the way to a higher level.  That’s how successful a career is.  How does this apply to you?  As you try to understand this concept, try to apply it to your own careers.  It’s a nice way to be happier and successful at the same time.