How To Get Rid Of A Hangover Without A Day In The Hospital

Hangovers are a very real fear. Although there’s no proven connection between hangovers and heart attacks, the fact that we take a drink every time we see a friend indicates that we’ve been drinking.

In the early ’80’s I had a friend named Doug, who had a nasty hangover that lasted through the following Monday. The next morning when he woke up, he was absolutely miserable and didn’t want to go to his job as a construction worker. This is when I decided to do something about it. I suggested that he put some caffeine into his coffee and he wouldn’t be so miserable all the next day. Doug promptly agreed. Although he had enjoyed a big breakfast that morning, the coffee gave him the energy he needed to keep going. Within 48 hours he was very much better.

Over the years I’ve heard all about hangovers as well as other common hangover-related symptoms, such as feeling drunk all the time. Although, I’m not sure just why this happens to people who are drinking alcohol on a regular basis. Perhaps it’s all the stress associated with work/family/career.

Just what makes the coffee an effective hangover cure?

Caffeine In The Absorbing Jar

I have the feeling that there are a lot of misconceptions regarding coffee and hangovers. I’ve heard about how caffeine can help with hangovers and how it can also prevent them. Although when it comes to caffeine in the stomach and the digestive system I’m not certain what effects it actually has on your body.  I’d have to look into it a little further myself. As for coffee containing caffeine that can be absorbed through the stomach, there are a couple of ways it can get into the rest of the body.

Although our stomachs are pretty tight, there are a few ways they can move around. One way is through the small air sacs (or “gills”) of the stomach. These gills work as pumps to remove gases that enter the body through the intestine.

The other way coffee-containing beverages or even a small sip of water can get into our small intestines, is if they enter our GI tract through the mouth and stomach. You are not allowed to drink a lot of coffee during the day so I don’t think these little air holes are much of a concern. Although, some people report that large amounts of caffeine in coffee can actually help to promote gas and digestion in the stomach .

While caffeine can definitely be absorbed, it is highly unlikely that it will cause any symptoms. 

The caffeine that you get from coffee goes directly to your liver where your liver converts it into the active ingredients in coffee, which includes a variety of stimulants called catechins. This occurs as your body metabolizes this caffeine (called bio-availability) from your stomach. So the more caffeine you have in your liver, you produce more catechins. As you know, we are dependent on our “central nervous system” to produce these chemicals. These catechins act as a “feel good” neurotransmitter. They also promote feelings of mental energy.

This is actually another great reason why it is helpful to include caffeine to your morning drink. It allows you to get your brain and body off of the hangover-producing catechins.

So, while it cannot cure a hangover with any certainty, I will point out how this caffeine-containing beverage may be beneficial to at least stop the symptoms of a hangover for a few days, so that your body has a little more time to get rid of your stress from the job/family/career.