How To Get Rid Of Bad Luck

For all the advice out there about bad luck, some women find themselves caught up by the “unlucky” label for many reasons. Here are a few suggestions to get over the label and see the good in yourself. I think you’ll begin to appreciate yourself and your abilities, and you may find even more inspiration to do the right thing.

Bad luck is one of the most misunderstood forces on Earth! Here’s the lowdown on this force — there’s more about the universe than just the big bang, so the universe itself is not necessarily destined to be good. It’s the things in the universe that happen that happen for a reason, and your luck, or misfortune, can be a key to that! Good luck has nothing to do with what you’ve received, or how you’ve done something, but everything to do with the path you chose to take. If you go in looking for good or luck, you’ll go astray. It’s about choosing the best decision, not luck. Good or bad, good or bad, good or bad… it won’t change anyone’s fortune – except you.

This is a huge topic, with many reasons for what happens, why and how. But for now, this is a general overview of what happens when bad luck happens to someone.

THE GOOD: The good thing about bad luck is that it doesn’t hurt, and people can learn from bad luck if they have it. They don’t need it, and it won’t affect them. They can look at the good events in someone’s life and smile at the good times or the bad times, but then, if there’s something that could be done differently, it will happen.

This is what we all strive for: to do the right thing to the best of our abilities. When we see people who have been blessed by good fate , they smile and laugh. If we feel that the time is right, and we’ve been given something and are ready, then that’s what we do.

THE BAD: The bad thing about bad luck is that it hurts so much, for so long and so strongly. It’s a great learning tool, and good for motivation. If something bad is happening you don’t know about, you get to see how the bad happens, how strong it can be, and why so many people get caught up in it. I think it also helps people get over this bad label. Bad luck is always a tool in your toolbox to fight, to find help, to look for your inner motivation. And sometimes the bad luck will even be your own fault.

THE BAD: The bad thing about bad luck is to feel ashamed, like everyone else does. If we see other people around us who are having the same thing happen to them, we might think, “I should also get it; I’ll do the right thing!” or “It’s ok that I don’t have it… if I did, I would.” When things don’t turn out the way we thought they would, we feel terrible about ourselves, and it causes us stress, depression and problems. But if it’s so hard to be happy, then it’s not really your fault. There’s more out there, and you can get over your pride and just do the right thing when others fall down.

THE BAD: The bad thing about bad luck is to feel scared or scared to try to do something, not knowing what might happen and how hard it might be. If you think, “I don’t deserve this bad thing, and so, I must not be smart enough to pull it off,” you will do everything you can to make sure it doesn’t happen again. This might be because you think, “This isn’t a thing like some other stuff, this is something that will really hurt me down the line,” or because you feel guilty about “being so unlucky.” If you think this way, you can’t do anything right! This is what the bad label is all about, and it’s often what makes it so hard to overcome. There’s a reason people believe in miracles, in curses, in gods, in curses. It’s all about “if I could only try harder and get rid of the bad thing, maybe…” It’s a tool for keeping us honest.