How To Get Rid Of Dust And Bugs From Your House

Sometimes it’s best not to let things gather, because they’ll come back to haunt you later. This is one of those times.

So it’s in your best interest to know where dust is gathering on your home. This guide explains how to safely remove dust inside and out from an old home and even out from other surfaces. As always, it doesn’t matter if this goes against your beliefs and traditions, it’s never a good idea to let things gather, regardless of how old you are or what you know.

First things first, check your ceiling. If you have cracks, crevices, or other conditions that can allow dust to accumulate you’ll most likely need to clean these areas off. If your ceiling won’t budge, you may run into trouble if you are trying to remove loose hair.

Before you go diving in to the hard part, grab any dust masks you may have on hand. The easiest way to take down your ceiling is with a dust mask, but you can also use a broom to sweep up dust from the ceiling and walls as well. If you do use a dust mask at all, put it away and get rid of any loose hair.

Next, go downstairs and get a flashlight and a small plastic bag. This is going to be your clean-up space, so make it as neat as possible. If possible don’t even bother to open the door for any person you bring. As soon as you enter your home, close every door on the entryway, in rooms that you know are most likely coming into your home.

You are going to want plenty of extra clothing to protect you from the dust. You don’t actually need to wear it all, though in some instances it might be worthwhile to wear a dust mask. If you have to wear anything, wear only long sleeves, pants, and a long-sleeve shirt. If you don’t want to wear any dust masks at all, you’ll need to put on gloves and wear a dust mask to protect yourself from getting any more dust in your lungs.

Once you are finished, the last step is going to be gathering the dust. Make sure you are not touching anything in your entryway, and that it doesn’t look like too much. If you’re in a hallway or any other room you may have loose dust, take a piece of paper and cover it with your hand once you have gathered the dust. Put the paper on the floor to spread out the dust. Once you are finished taking in the dust, you can toss out the paper and try to forget you did it.

I’ll be covering dust removal in my article on How To Make A Dustbins Out Of Your Sink And A Glass Tank Part 2: Dust And Bugs At Home. I believe that it’s best to remove dust from inside and out, especially during clean-up and long-term storage, and this guide and instructions will provide helpful tools to do that. I hope you enjoy this guide, and we certainly enjoyed writing it.