How To Get Rid Of Fat And Make Your Skin And Body Look Amazing

After taking my cholesterol tests and losing more than 50 pounds in a single year, I’ve learned a few secrets from a nutritionist who has helped thousands of people. He said: “Do what your body needs, not what you think it needs.”

What I want for Easter Sunday is for my husband to make me a huge bowl of eggs and toast, and for him to come home after breakfast and eat three to four slices of hard-cooked bacon. We’ll eat, drink wine, talk and laugh until 11 p.m. And when we get up the next morning we’ll have the most awesome breakfast in the history of Easter. I’ll want for something similar to Easter Sunday every year.

This is a short video that gives you an overview of what to do and the many benefits of ketosis:

4.  Make Your Home Look Like A Real Home

It is a lot harder than you think to make someone come into your home. People can feel self-conscious about having a beautiful, well-kept home that people can walk into and want to come inside. You need to show them that the things you want them inside of are available for them to enter.

First, decorating your home with things they can enjoy is not only good for them, it is good for you!

Make it a point to invite them in. Make it easy for them to come in and do what they want. If you have a beautiful room full of beautiful and interesting things, invite them into the room and let them decide what they want to do.

It’s hard to find the time to organize the books and all of the old photos that you have in the house. The first thing is to make sure it looks presentable! Don’t be afraid to pull items out. Keep the clutter to a single area, but make sure to leave one area with something valuable that is always available for those who come to take a look.

Try to make your home the center of the home (not just a place where you spend most of your mornings, but also where your kids go to play). The living room should play the role of living room and the kids’ room the role of family room. If you have two bedrooms, make them meet up in the living room so that when the kids go to the other room, they can see their dad as they walk by.

The best way to show your kids the joy of living in a home is to have them do something great for your home. This is my husband’s dream. He has a big dream for his house to be used as a place for children to play and that we will have a room filled with toys that they can play inside. This is his goal. It all begins with the family’s living room and ends with them playing games inside.

5.  Don’t Go Home For Christmas

It all starts with your Christmas tree.  You can buy one for your family. (Maybe a little tree is okay? That’s up to you!) That is pretty cool.  But if you want to go one step further, let your family have an all-out-Christmas party on your front porch.

If your front steps were always full of people on Christmas morning, why would you want to go home? Your kids are out of school. They want to come home and spend the time they need to play the game they want to play.  And they will be there. You need to be there, too. You can’t go home just because you want to. You need to do something for them, for your family.

If you have an old, large tree, try putting it up outside. If you have an old tree from your grandparents’, try getting something that they will enjoy and bring it to your front door.  We did this for Easter when we had a small tree.