How To Get The Life You Want, Without Making A Mess Of It

Life is messy; getting it all together is messy. Don’t believe me? This TED talk will clear up the mystery that I call the “life vortex.” I share my insights on how you can manage this chaotic, never-ending, exhausting vortex, all in a sustainable way.

You might be a master of your domain—but is that the right thing to do? When you’re faced with a task that’s hard, you have a choice: get all wrapped up in it, or make peace and do some thinking. The problem is, sometimes it’s a little hard to make peace. It’s also hard to go out of town for a wedding (as I did for my daughter’s first and last), or go on a business trip, or get pregnant, or take on a new job, or make a big career move, or open a new store. All this juggling of work and home and life can be overwhelming at the best of times. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, overwhelmed, overwhelmed, try a life with less chaos: one that gives you a small space of tranquillity. The life vortex is a space that gives you that quiet you need as you juggle all the things in your life to maintain your peace—a space of peace that’s the work of life.

This TED talk explains how the life vortex can calm you down, and help you to get in tune with life as nature intended. The vortex is a place of peace and quiet. You’ll find it by setting goals for yourself, and creating one plan for the most important things in your life (the things that are going to make you happy), and having a space to get things done with that plan, as long as you don’t get lost in the vortex itself. There’s no one way to get in tune with life. Some people have to do everything themselves or with people they trust. Some people need to travel a lot, spend little time with their families, or make an effort to be present—or all of these things. And if you can stick with the plan for at least half an hour, you’ve got it. It is possible to get into a life with less chaos if you use space to make peace. If you don’t feel like you can get anything done, try setting yourself up for success—because it’s going to happen either way. Try creating a space of tranquillity as you try to do some work for the day, to do your work the right way, and to feel at peace with doing both at once. As you work, try being in a safe place, away from the distraction of your work, and away from any distractions you happen to have around. It can be anywhere you are—wherever you can be.

I hope you find the life vortex helps you get a little more in tune with life. It’s a space you create for yourself to relax or work on your big stuff. I also hope you get into a work/home balance, or find that you get more time to sleep in. And if you do, please, let me know… I’d love to hear how it goes. It’s okay to be overwhelmed, angry, or frustrated with yourself. Life is complicated, and you’re not alone. You can have peace at any phase. For more information, check out this post that my friend Lauren wrote for Living The Life .