How To Get Through A Bad Day

We all have them. Yours, or someone you know with them: What can we do to make them go away…

They’re like little black clouds. They get in your way. They’re the kind of stuff that stops us in our tracks at that moment we forget about them. They take time to clear their way out. But once they do, we find the sunlight has finally come, and suddenly that cloud just disappears, leaving what was once a source of difficulty behind. We know we need to stop and look, and we can. But we also need to learn that no matter what happens, we are able to look away… to forget, and look down. This is why you need to find the time to pause and breathe in and out. And no matter how bad your day is, you are not the one who had to make something bad happen. If you’re feeling down on yourself and depressed, please know this: it is the circumstances that created that situation that caused you to feel down on yourself. You will get over this. Do not deny that you are depressed because it hurts. Do not allow self-hate to block your way toward understanding. In time, you will move forward and learn how to forgive yourself. That’s where we want to be.

What I do in a bad day is to remind myself, “Today is not going to be a great day.” This is not self-esteem-deflating. It’s just a reminder to go on and live. I know that day-to-day life is a challenge, but if we take the time every day to remind ourselves, we will succeed. Every positive action you take every day is a reflection upon what you can become. Whether you are going through a rough patch of life, or have been through a rough patch in the past, no matter how difficult it appears, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s so worth looking for!

My Favorite Quotes To Keep You Going In A Bad Day, “It’s all in the mind!” -E. B. White “The way to escape a bad day is to change it.” -E. B. White I like to read about these quotes because most of them are very relevant to our lives and to how we manage our moods. Keep your thoughts positive as much as you can. A lot of times I can’t do it alone. My moods come and go. So the more I learn to understand a quote, the more I take it into my head every once in a while. What are you reading to help you out? Here’s a quote to find a way out of a bad day: If you don’t mind my asking, what about this “bad day” thing. I mean, I understand this is just one example, and perhaps this is just one of many bad days we’ll encounter as we go through the world, but are those bad days really “bad days” just because they seem bad to feel worse? Or is it possible that maybe you should think of them as “good days”? I mean, what makes them so good that you can just let them go without taking action? (If you’re like me, you’re not going to let bad days go) So even though people get mad at me for saying this, I think we all need to try to get a handle on, where in life we feel bad or feel down. Sometimes it’s really easy to think, “Why don’t I get through this day just fine?” (For example, you may have a little to do for work and don’t feel like going home to your kids) That’s when bad days happen. Sometimes we have the wrong attitude and bad judgment, and we end up hurting ourselves. Even though it seems like we may not have the control like we do have in the past-that we know what we want to be, and that we aren’t doomed to be nothing like the other guys who are living the good life-sometimes we don’t. That can happen when we don’t keep ourselves on track. “It’s all up in the mind” is actually really true. I think we’ve probably all experienced some of this (I’ve never been very good at paying attention to my moods and making sure they are in line with my goals in life) in our lives. It’s easy to be “blamed-shamed,” or “pushed-pulled.”