How To Get To Love Your Body

If you could only have one piece of advice to give your doctor, what would it be? Me: This: “If you have diabetes or high blood pressure be honest with your doctor.”

No joke.

I’ve been on the path that led to getting back to health for about 15 years, but for most, it’s taken more time. Most have taken longer, so while I’m writing this, I’m just about ready to rock. I know you’re waiting for me to give you the perfect answer, and believe me when I say, I love the waiting.

No. Seriously. I don’t know how I can better state the simple truth: “The path to fitness is littered with failures. I’m no different.”

My path: I dropped out of college after one semester and had a job to support myself. I was going on a three month bender, sleeping for up to 18 hours, eating crappy food and not exercising. My “goal” was to be able to work out for an hour as often as possible.

On my 15th month, the bender hit its limit. I went to the emergency room with severe stomach cramps and the nurse asked if anyone had gone on benders in the last 7 days.

“Oh, no I’m not a binge, I just haven’t gone one in a while.” 

“I don’t understand,” was her response. “You’re doing all of these things. Why isn’t it working?”

For the next month after that, my stomach cramps were at a minimum and I hadn’t gone one in a while. Things were starting to look up for a long time.

So here I am today. A lot of people would be shocked to find out that I don’t do a lot of exercise anymore. The day I’m going to start exercising is another day I’ll never forget.

My motivation: It’s not the right motivation. A few weeks ago, I was just going to pick up the pace and maybe I’d do some of that stuff eventually. But things started to go wrong again.

The day that I was planning on going on this epic exercise cycle was the day I had to move back in with my parents and deal with two new roommates who had just started high school.

This was the day I had to pack my things and move all the way back to Arizona to be with my sister. It took me a loooong time to get all of my things out of the house and I had to make a few trips back and forth, so that meant that I didn’t walk to the gym that day.

So I didn’t do that. I didn’t go on what I expected to be an awesome exercise day. In fact, I was pretty much just standing around.

Today, I am on this cycle to get back on track and I’m going to see if it can be made into something I enjoy.

That’s about it. No more questions.

If you want to follow along, the first thing you need to do is do the exercise. If you can’t do it that day, this next exercise is a good place to start. It will be the most important thing you do.

A lot of people don’t want to do cardio. That’s fine. The best exercise I ever did was just sitting in front of my computer until I started to sweat. That’s all you need for a great workout.

So do a half-mile run or a 45 minute jogging workout and then if you have time, walk on the treadmill for a couple minutes and then hop your bike into gear. It’s that simple.

Then it’s on to the second exercise.

The second is the most basic one for any form of exercise, it’s not much more complicated than a push-up. There’s a video above of a push up with some other exercises for a good push-up workout to help you get a good workout.

Once that is done, go sit back down and do the same push-up, but this time, do a sit-up and then repeat this movement, doing them in reverse. Then repeat this motion with a few more reps until you can do your sit-up backwards and your push-up backwards.

A good way to keep this going is to start with your back to a wall. I usually have a spotter on me. I do push-ups in the beginning so that I can see the space and the wall I’m on is large and the push-up is a little more difficult than the sit-up, but it can be done with only a spotter. If you can, it’s also best to do the movement slowly when doing the sit-up and you can probably do the same movement on your way down.