How To Get Your Life Back On Track

Life becomes chaos and you need an emergency response toolkit to get through it. How to get your life back on track? Find your true, true power for happiness.

You are the most important person in your life. You are worth a lot. I’m not saying there’s only one one, but you deserve to have a strong voice to back you up. Think of it as a responsibility and a role your whole life. Your voice should be strong and powerful and your purpose. You deserve to be happy, which is what drives you. Happy people have more success and are happier people. I have learned this and I think we all do, but how do we actually do it? Take your time, listen and observe with empathy. It’s not easy, but you can start to develop some skills. How to be strong: Use positive action, especially in times of great stress: take it slow, be sure to keep your feelings in check, have your whole system calm, and do what feels comfortable. You want to be the best version you can be for the people you love and the best version you can be for yourself. I know the hard work, but how can you have what’s necessary without the support of others? I have found my voice, the voice I always wanted to have. It sounds strange coming from me, but believe me, this is a powerful thing. I learned this from a very wise woman who is one of the last people you would ever look for. I hope the power you feel when you listen to her will be worth it.

Life is about doing your best and not giving up . Life is a marathon, not a sprint. You must give everything you have each and every day in order to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

I’m not saying you should be perfect. I’m saying that if you give something of yourself each and every day, you will be. It’s the only thing that can get you there. It’s the only way. Your happiness is important, because it determines if you are a happy person, but it’s not everything. Being happy is only a start. Once you achieve your goal, you must keep moving forward. It’s about keeping your eye on the horizon.

Life is a journey, not a destination. You can go from where you are right now, to where you want to go, and all the way to where you live, and be happy and accomplish all those things you want in life. That’s not always easy, but if you can do it and do it well, it is possible. You have to be strong and smart to pull it off. You have to live in the moments you love and love in them. You have to love what you do so much that you can even love it. You have to love others, including yourself. You have to stay persistent. I know it is easy to give up, but you can get through this, because everything is going to be alright. You have a purpose. You have your own support system. You have friends who are going to keep you positive, and you have mentors who will help you along the way. It’s going to be okay.

Stay positive! Don’t give up.

Have a wonderful weekend, and a very happy and safe New Year.


I love you.

The best way to learn is to practice. If you’re stuck, just read more about yourself, and more often. 

That’s the best thing to ever happen to you. 

Thank you to everyone who reads this site, and thanks for making me feel needed and important.