How To Handle Stress At Work

It doesn’t matter if you are stressed out at work – it’s just stress and in stressful times you need to stay positive. Remember, stress is just a sign of things to come. It’s never the cause of the problem, so keep your focus on your immediate needs.

The great stress reliever we’ve all been taught to fear is “being late.” This is when you don’t show up and when you’re late, it’s considered a bad thing. When people say ‘I’m late, that means I’m sick or injured’ it’s so far removed from reality that it’s crazy. It’s not your bad luck! It’s what is necessary to get you out of the situation you’re in. When things are stressful, you don’t stay with them! You get out of the stressful situation as quickly and quickly as possible. Stress is our brain telling us to hurry-up and make decisions so that you can make them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Sometimes, you’re just going to have to slow down because it’s important for you to be in the right place at the right time with others who need you.

Stress is not anything negative about you, stress as we have it now is actually a sign of our inner guidance. When we’re stressed out it tells us that we need to move faster and get things done. You don’t know what you want to do with your life until you’ve exhausted every other option. If things aren’t going well in your life, there are good things in the future for you. When things are stressful, your mind is in a constant state of chaos and flux, so do the best you can without a clear picture of where the path is going.

Stress is the fear that something might go wrong – in the future or in the moment itself. The fear is your brain trying hard to make you act in a way that will relieve the fear. When you’re in a stressful state, it is tempting to act carefree or to get things done in a hurry – it’s all about the moment’s instant gratification. Do your best to act in the moment with an open heart and with an open mind. That’s the only way things can get better.

This is the second time we are going to learn about the Five Primary Forces that have power over our life. This is the one that is very important for this book. As we’ve seen in the past, most people are so focused on trying to manipulate their energy fields to change their state that many are unaware of the underlying influences and power the primary forces have on us.

There are five primary forces at work in our lives…

Primary Force #1: Energy Field : The energy field is all around us. It is made up of various physical or mental objects that we encounter from our physical bodies. We have the energy field from our head, right? That energy field surrounds us. When we have a high vibration or a high energy field, we are more receptive to the energy field and there is less resistance to the flow of energy, so the flow of energy is more freely flowing. There’s no obstacle in space to block the flow of energy. When we are stressed, we are more open to the energetic world, so we can receive it more easily. People don’t realize how much their energy field changes when they are stressed. We are constantly receiving energy, so if we are not open to receiving it, we will receive less of it. It’s like having a high fever. If we’re not feverishly sick, we will feel less sick, but still don’t feel well.

Primary Force #2: Thought : When you want something and act on that desire, you create tension in your thought energy field. The thought energy field is where we think. When we feel stressed or in a stressful situation, our thoughts become agitated and we are in a state of thought that can’t be handled easily because of the high energy field around us. When we are in this state of tension our thoughts become agitated, so the thoughts get louder and louder and louder, and we get frustrated. We try to put more thought into our situation – it’s like creating a pressure cooker. Sometimes we even make mistakes because we are trying to control so much energy that we don’t have control over the consequences of the actions we take.

Primary Force #3: Body : When energy flows around and through the body, it can cause some physical discomfort. If it is too tight or if it is too tight and you breathe deeply for a while you can get relief. Sometimes it takes an hour, two hours, or even longer to feel comfortable. When you’re in stress, you sometimes feel like it’s painful to breathe or sometimes you get too stressed and you don’t feel comfortable at all.