How To Have A Healthy Marriage – Without Going Hungry

While my marriage has been great, it has its issues that we’d like to address before heading into a long-term commitment. Here’s how to create a healthy marriage without going hungry.

What are the four foods that all people, couples, and families need? Each body has its own nutritional needs that include vitamins, minerals, fat, water and fiber. The right balance of these four nutrients is essential to maintain a healthy immune system.

What is a meal? It’s when your body digests all the food it needs. There are four “meals” in this meal cycle. During the breakfast time, your body digests foods from the night before. The next meal is a snack (think: breakfast). There are also two longer-distance meals after your first long-distance meal. During the evening meal, our body digests the second meal of the day. You and your spouse may eat dinner at home at some point during the day, or you may eat dinner out and bring your meal home. There are also two long-distance meals later in the day. This is when your spouse may come to your home for the night.

Our family’s meal cycles are pretty simple: Before going hungry, I get all the food needed from the week’s groceries (the shopping list is shown at the bottom), and we’ve got to decide what to eat, so I pick our favorite breakfast or lunch and I order dinner (sometimes we have to wait until the next day for dinner – sometimes our meals start with one of us waking the other up).

When to “go hungry”

There are times when it’s okay to go without food. Those times are:

If you really don’t feel like eating

You’re sick or tired after a long day, which leads to eating less.

You’ve had a bad day and don’t feel like you deserve to eat

Your spouse doesn’t want to eat, but you don’t feel hungry

Sometimes there are days, especially during illness, that it’s not possible for both of you to eat. In that case you can do either of the following things:

If your spouse won’t eat and you’re hungry, make them a simple healthy meal like toast and water – with a few extra carbs or protein for energy before bed. You can try to have a light snack at the beginning of the day (or at some point in the day – after eating in the afternoon, for example, will help keep your sleep patterns even. Some ways to keep a light snack might be oatmeal topped with nuts, a fruit, protein powder or a banana in a glass of milk. If they’re like me, they might even have a snack with a glass of orange juice. If you can’t bring your own food to the dinner party, try getting a little bit of cheese from your favorite cheese shop (there are some great ones near me in our town!). There are also other great vegan cheese alternatives too, like Daiya.

If you make their dinner or snack, you can enjoy it together. (At a later meal, some of the food you cooked may be stored as leftovers) If you need to eat for 2 hours after the last time they eat together, you should definitely get a snack. You can do both things at the same time or you can pick one or the other of these, just make sure one of them is healthy (which is the first part of the whole idea: healthy – food). It’s a good idea to pick and choose your own healthy snack: some fruit, a banana, a bagel, a small handful of nuts, a few strips of whole grain, etc.

The most important part is to have some kind of nutrition to keep you going in a hungry state. The more food you have the more energy you might need, so I try to have a good mix of healthy foods that you can eat without becoming sick. If you are sick but your spouse refuses to eat, I try to eat a nutritious meal that has a balanced mix of whole grains, vegetables, fruits and other healthy foods. My family will only feed me if I have a balanced meal. It’s not something you want to have to worry about if you’re running late when one of you has to leave early and you’re both hungry. Sometimes, just doing this is enough to get back your time and energy and then you can go eat.

I hope this post helps.