How To Have A Positive Body Image

A recent TED Talk by comedian and TV personality Louis CK offers some insight that can be a source of inspiration for anyone.

In 2011 I suffered from terrible depression. In 2011 I saw a dermatologist who gave me several powerful drugs. In 2011 I was prescribed a bunch of other drugs that did not work. In 2011 I was also very concerned about my weight. I started to make small changes but nothing seemed to help. In 2011 I started to be a bit more optimistic and focused. I stopped working, stopped drinking, stopped buying groceries, stopped having sex, stopped watching TV, and stopped going to work for at least a week every month. I started getting the weight off my body and began putting together a plan to be healthy and happy. I lost 35 pounds in 2 months and I’ve maintained my gains the whole time. In 2015, the disease came back and I had another very ugly bout of it. I was on some powerful psych meds and a lot of meds meant for terminal conditions. But in 2015 I did some good things. In 2015 I started running. I got my legs started running again and I did some yoga too. I went on a mission of good health and started doing the things to be happy that I never really did before. I was feeling and looking good. I stopped being depressed, I stopped being scared and I stopped being afraid that I was going to die. In 2015 the disease took a long time to come back. It didn’t hit me when I was on the meds. But in 2015 I was happy.

There you have it. A very simple reason I’ve lost 35 pounds in 2 months. It took me a while to do it and I don’t want to spend another day lost again. But for me it came fast.

If you want to get into a positive body image state, start doing the things that worked before. There’s nothing magical about a pill or the right diet. You just have to look at yourself objectively and do the things that make you happier and feel better. Then when the time comes to have a conversation about it, ask yourself questions like:

What do you look like right now? What are you currently seeing in your life? What’s the quality of your relationships? What’s your state of creativity right now? What has your day been like? If you are in the midst of anxiety or depression, what has been your biggest problem lately?

If you are starting to feel that this is something that’s important and a problem that needs to get addressed, start doing some of the following things:

1. Go to the gym. Go on a walk with a friend or take a bicycle ride around downtown. Get up before noon on Thursdays and walk through the streets all day. Do the same thing every day for a few weeks. This helps wake up your body.

2. Go out and make new friends. Find your tribe. Start your own Facebook group for your workout and group of friends.

3. Go on a hike or bike ride. This is the easiest and most effective type of exercise. We spend nearly half of our lives out of the house and we spend the other half stuck in front of the computer. These are the 2 most important factors when it comes to improving the quality of our lives. I’ve done many hikes and bike races over the last few years. I’ve had a lot of great experiences and they’ve helped me immensely. These have made me stronger, happier, and healthier.

4. Go to a park, do a local activity, or join a local community event. I have learned the value of community events over the years and I’ve experienced so much that makes my life better. The more you do these the more experiences you have. This is what makes people more well rounded. It makes you more creative, more knowledgeable, and more compassionate.

5. Start a blog. Write something that you feel passionate about, write about what’s on your mind. I recently started one. I am proud of the writing I have done so far and I have a ton of ideas for posts that I can do in the future. I have found blogging to be the best medium for expressing myself. For me it has turned out to be the most effective way to communicate with myself and with others.

6. Listen to music. Any type of music really helps you relax, focus, and get into a good mood. If you listen to music throughout the day it helps you have an awesome day and doesn’t take your mind off of anything.

7. Stop buying unnecessary food. Stop being obsessed with food.

8. Listen to some classical music. If you can, you should listen to some classical music.