How To Have It All: A Six-week Guide To Creating A Life Beyond What You Have Today

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This past week has been one full of change! My step-daughter and step-son will be moving out of their family home. Then last night we decided not to move out right away and instead wait and see where this process takes us. Then the whole family moved and my stepson and his wife decided to stay at my place with no kids for the next six weeks. We were planning on getting a little bit of help with our three-year-old daughter starting kindergarten, but now we are going to be able to focus all our attention on her.

It’s not just about us. It’s a movement to change the world and get it right. And when change happens, you get change.

I am taking my time with this change and being patient with myself. Let’s go for it. Let’s try. We’ll see what happens after.

I’m sorry for the lack of updates. There have been some bumps along the way. I just needed to take my time and let things heal. I’ve never been happier. This month has been amazing.

I finally got back on my bike and ride it today. It took me years to get over the fear of riding my bike, but today I started the process of overcoming it. I feel like a million miles and miles faster. My lungs are as full of oxygen today as they were when I was 25 or 30. My leg pumps through the gears as fast as ever, my heart is pumping as fast as ever. I’m a better cyclist today than I ever was. I am getting faster, stronger, fitter, more confident, stronger, fitter, more confident, stronger, fitter… every day!

I’ve come to realize how much I have to offer my baby, Lilly. I am determined to make sure that she has everything she needs so she can learn to walk and run and jump and climb and play. One thing I’ve learned since we got him is that babies and kids want to play. They don’t mind being alone, and they also don’t mind being with Mommy and Dad when they are getting ready to go somewhere. They are always happy to hear their name called, and they don’t mind sleeping alone in their room. But they do mind, sometimes, being touched. And I’ve been putting my heart and soul into teaching them that they can trust each other, they can love each other, and that they can do all this and much more. They don’t know how to be a toddler and a baby and a three-year-old, and I think that’s great. So they’ll be okay.

The biggest challenge we’ve encountered in creating our life has been raising three kids on one income. So I did what I always did. And when I say “we” here, I mean not just us, but all the family members too. And it has not been easy. In fact, it’s been challenging and stressful, but it’s also been beautiful and exhilarating. Because we all have done our best to put our hearts, minds, dreams, goals, and expectations aside, and focus on the greatest things on this Earth for Lilly, and for us and for our family.

Today, as I’m writing with a heavy heart, I’m grateful for all this. And I’m grateful for each one of you too. And I’m grateful for all the people who have helped us along the way. This is not the work of a few hours. It is the work of a lifetime. It will be full-time work, and I’m going to be very tired but very happy on my bike (and this article) from now on. I’ve learned a lot in recent months.

I’ve just started writing again. I’m having a lot of fun. My goal is to make you proud of me.