How To Have Perfect Hair In A Lifetime

If you want to see how easy it is to manage hair on your own, try this hair care routine. It involves a basic shampoo, conditioner, and hair spray of your choice.

I am not a hair stylist, but I have my hair (mostly) cut and professionally processed. I also know the ins and outs of hair. So, I really felt like these ingredients in beauty regimens might just make a difference in my own hair (and perhaps in your hair, too, if you’re interested). So, I tested the routine. I used conditioner with coconut oil to moisturize it; I used hair spray, made by my favorite natural hair company, Kinky Curly , that I use on my head when I want a different texture or look; and I used an oil based shampoo, also by Kinky Curly. This really worked. It did not leave my hair feeling greasy — it came out smooth, shiny, and shiny. The hair spray definitely did its job, with a nice conditioning feel. I only had to clean my hair once and I wasn’t left in a lather, with lather on my hair, all day, which is what other brands seem to think I want. I was able to wash with little residue and my hair did not seem to itch, even for a couple days after the first use, which is really a rarity, so I can’t thank these products enough.

How to have perfect hair in a lifetime

1. Conditioner

What it says on the tin: This is the most important ingredient in your hair regimen. Conditioner moisturizes and helps keep hair shiny and healthy. This is a very important part of hair care!

What it does when applied to hair: Keeps hair from falling out (when it doesn’t) and keeps your hair soft and healthy. Helps with dandruff, if the conditioner keeps your hair from becoming brittle.

How to use: Conditioner can be applied to wet hair. Use a little bit before washing your hair, a small amount after washing your hair, and a big amount of the whole lot (up to the point where you’d like to go to see a professional). Don’t use extra if you want something like a shine-boosting shampoo.

2. Hair Spray (I love kinky curly kohls by Kinky Curly )

What it says on the tin: These two liquids are so refreshing to your hair that your tresses will look as if they have just been washed!

What it does when applied to hair: This is a spray that you apply directly to hair. It is a little more intense than the conditioner. It’s also moisturizing; this is not a product that just dries your hair, but does have a light hold.

How to use: This product can be used on wet, or dry, hair. It is a spray like oil based hair sprays, so apply it in one very light application, rather than applying it to wet hair, and be safe. Apply the spray into hair in one spot to make sure you have at least half of the bottle in there. Don’t apply it into the sides, and be sure that when you put it on, there is no “white-spitting” effect. I found it works best on wet hair and it did get my hair shiny enough for styling.

3. Sunscreen with SPF 30+

I like using these products, but my problem is I have bad acne . And since I also don’t do sunscreen before my summer/spring sun regimen (I know, no bueno), I sometimes have breakouts that become inflamed and red. If you have a problem with getting sunburnt, and want to use a product that you don’t have to wait for to get sunburnt, these are some of my favorite sunscreen-enhancing formulas you might like.

What it says on the tin: These formulas contain the same active as vitamin e. This is one of the most powerful types of sunscreen available and it works on virtually every skin type, including sensitive to sunlight. This formula is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive or normal skin. Use after moisturizer to protect from sunburn, while avoiding harsh or extreme sun and heat.

What it does when applied to hair: It keeps your hair looking healthy, shiny, and healthy. It’s not as intense as a spray, so I find this product is a little easier to apply to wet hair and still get a great coverage.