How To Have The Life You Really Want

With clarity of purpose, wisdom from a life-changing mentor, and support as we explore our personal growth together, this article will lead you to the realization of a life worth living.

We know we are capable of being happier and healthier than we are today, so why are we stuck in low motivation, procrastination, and unfulfilled desires? The truth is we do not have one single life-defining goal, we have all kinds of goals — small or big — but each of them will require us to be more resilient, more flexible, and more flexible we are. To move forward from a place of low motivation and lack of clarity, let’s break down our goals into small, manageable steps.

How to have your own success story

The first step to success is to realize that we cannot accomplish our goals alone. For many of us, we know exactly what we want to become: self-sufficient, rich, successful, but there are just so many obstacles in our path. So much competition in any field forces us to focus on the small tasks of becoming the best we can be.

When we feel as though we have a goal, our mind focuses on the details of the task alone to the exclusion of the big picture. Instead of looking at the big picture, our mind will create a big picture of what we want to accomplish while the big picture stays in the background.

Imagine you set yourself a goal of writing a blog. This is a goal in the sense that it is a concrete goal which you can measure, but you will never reach it because you can’t plan or calculate enough. Writing a blog is a huge task so any plan or calculation is wasted time.

To get a better idea of why this is so, think about any task that you can’t finish, like running a 6-week half marathon. You are in great shape, you have good energy, you know the course, it’s a fun physical challenge for you. But to finish the half marathon, you need to have done dozens of things that make up running: nutrition, hydration, equipment, planning, race prep, pacing, timing, pain, anxiety, and more, all without getting a single hour of sleep.

To make this half-marathon goal, you have to get your energy and strength up and then focus on the course, your pacing, and what you need to do to not get exhausted.

You can still finish the half-marathon, but you need to focus on the bigger picture instead of the task in hand. When it comes to self-improvement, we are no different (I know because I’ve lost countless people to that problem).

The problem is that sometimes, we let ourselves get stuck in the task of achieving our dream when there is already something else out there which can take the place of the dream or be the dream version or a hybrid version or something. This makes us lose focus on the dream.

To avoid this, we need to start with the big picture and make a decision: what is my dream to accomplish in today’s life?

If we are talking about work, then we have to stop thinking of it (if we still think about it) with the end goal of getting more money or recognition and start thinking of it in terms of a bigger picture, one that we are not just focused on getting money and recognition but also on setting up long-term goals which we can accomplish.

For many of us, we want to achieve great things, like be rich, be successful, or even become famous. But how does this translate to real life? How does one truly accomplish the end goal of success?

Imagine if you set your dream of becoming a rock star as your main goal on Monday.