How To Heal Your Body By Doing Nothing

You can’t be an Olympic swimmer, you’re just an athlete. You can’t be a world champion, you’re just some guy just trying to make a living! In addition to that… you have to be a really good athlete.

I’ve found that most of what I’ve learned through this series has been applicable to healing people from a physical perspective as well. Because the body’s mechanics are so intricate, it’s been easier for me to put words to things like pain and inflammation than I would have been able to in a regular course.

My goal is to teach the public how to heal themselves, how to live life to the fullest, and how to become champions of their body and minds.

What is the best book to start with? For sure the best guide, and it is something I highly recommend is The 5:2 Diet . It covers the most popular diet patterns out there, what works and what doesn’t, and how to get rid of your cravings if you haven’t yet. I’m not going to go into depth at this point, the only thing I’m really looking into are the specific foods you should be following, the supplements you should be taking (including the ones I’m using below), and the workout principles and exercises that are right for you.

Here you can find the diet I am currently using, the best supplements that work for me, and the best workouts I like to do.

I highly recommend The Fat Head 2.0 . It is an incredibly simple program that will not only change the way your nutrition feels (while also making you lose fat), but also will provide you with the tools to do the exercises you need to achieve this type of body transformation. The programs on the site are extremely simple, and while they will not give you a quick turnaround on results like The 5:2 Diet will, they will give you some tools to work towards making changes on a day to day basis.

The Fat Head Nutrition Program

If you’re not following a specific diet or plan, I’d recommend taking a look at a book like The Fat Head Diet. As I mention in the post, I’ve used this book throughout my journey, it has provided me with a system from where I can work out the diet I need to get ripped at the right time.

The Fat Head: The Ultimate Guide To Fat Loss and Muscle Gain by Eric Cressey

I know I’ve said a lot about how to eat over on How To Get Big, Fat, and Strong , and it’s important I start with one of the most important concepts to understand; muscle.

“Muscle doesn’t make you fat, fat makes you muscle. Muscle is the key to becoming shredded.” – Eric Cressey

It doesn’t matter why you’re looking to grow or change your physique, this is going to be a critical process. The biggest problem that most people get in the attempt to get bigger is not understanding the concept of muscle and how it is the key to your physique transformation.

It is very easy to get caught up on eating and not caring, or in my case being concerned about protein. When people are concerned and concerned in the wrong places they find themselves trying to achieve too many things instead of focusing on a few things. The only solution to this is to first understand how important muscle is and to understand your macros.

My current macros, or my macros before I started my journey into bodybuilding, are as follows: I’m using this for my first attempt at a full time bodybuilding program to get to my goal of having the best physique. I will continue keeping my own macros, and have my nutritionist stick close to the program we’re working with. My program would be similar to a 1,000 lb. strongman style bodybuilder, but here are mine:

Calories from Fat 75% of total calories (excluding water).