How To Help Your Child Stay Positive

A happy child who is not given time to be sad is an unhappy one. If you know your teen is depressed, consider this article. Here is how to help him or her feel better.

Every morning before you even turn on the water to fill your kitchen sink, let your teen know you appreciate his or her efforts. Every morning, when your teen first wakes, give one simple positive message. “I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.” This gives your teen time to feel good about the day ahead. Your teen may not always believe in you; that is ok too. But he or she will know that you will listen. The message will get through if you say it and keep repeating it, day after day. “I think you can win this. You’re good. I know you know you’re good.” The positive energy is infectious. Even if you just give yourself a pat on the back every so often, over the course of a couple of weeks, your teen will understand that you value his or her efforts. You will get it. The negativity will stay out of the bedroom. This is not a hard road. Just work. You cannot change the world right now, but you can make a difference in one person’s life today.

A good thing does not stay good forever. You will know a good thing is gone when your teen doesn’t think it’s worth the effort when someone else offers them a ride to school, or when someone’s parents call them out of bed for no good reason. And remember; a good thing does not last forever. Keep giving. It will stick with your teen, and it will bring your teen closer to the source you always wanted them to be.

Make It My Business

Every teen has their pet. A good pet can bring out the teen. Let your teen know that your business is your business. Let your teen know your interests and interests of yours are his or her, and it is a good thing for you to be involved in your teens life. Let your teen know that his or her education doesn’t have to be in the way. Let your teen know that your house is his or her house and not yours. Let your teen know it’s just as important for them to learn to cook, clean, do the laundry, work, get dressed, bathe, and go to school as it is for them to hang out with friends. You want your teen to be independent. It is a good thing when your teens make it their own business to do their own thing. It is a good thing when they learn a trade. It is a good thing when they become responsible for themselves. If you do things for your teen, let them know you do things for them. It will show them that you understand their values and how important it is to you for them to have a good life.

It is not easy for your teen to talk about what needs to be changed. But if you give them a hard time about it, they may not talk to you about it again. You may have to step it up just a little. Be firm, but be fair. As long as you are a good role model, your teen will be your teenager. The best way to make your teenager happy is to let them be yourself, to understand that you are there for them.

Do the Best You Can

One of the biggest problems your teen will face is that most teachers love them. So if your teen has a problem with that, they are never going to get the therapy that they need. They have to do the best they can and hope the help they are getting is enough. If they are not doing enough, consider moving out of your home with them. Or move your child in with a relative to keep him or her away from the harsh environment you are so accustomed to. For teens that can’t leave or can’t leave for a while, they will have to make the best of a bad situation. In the meantime, stay and do whatever you can to help. There is no doubt you will learn from your teen. Don’t forget where he or she came from. Don’t get discouraged by his or her behaviors. It does not matter what happens. It is just a part of living. Let them know you see what they are going through.

Sometimes if you love your teen enough to put all of your efforts in helping them, you will never have to.