How To Improve Your Health With A Diet Of Just 3,000 Calories

When you’re on the go: no time for exercise? No problem. Let’s go! This easy program teaches you to cut your calories by 3,000 for a healthy lifestyle.

I’ve lost a lot of weight thanks to this method. I have more energy, lose fat and feel better. I’ve found that by using just three-star nutrients and adding in good sources of protein, these foods will fill you up and provide you with all the minerals and enzymes you need to keep your metabolism moving, and to help get rid of any fat which accumulates. You won’t know that you’re eating more for the same purpose.

You can lose weight by losing your excess body fat.  

“You are not what you eat … Your food choices will make all the difference!”

“There you go again,” I thought. I had to laugh. The words were a paraphrase I was about to write, but there was no mistaking it. My husband, the most intelligent man I’ve ever met, had just told me that I was just eating too much and that I was making little adjustments. No wonder he had weight problems. It just took a while to figure out what he meant. I just had to work at it for a little while and I was surprised to find that it did not take long to lose all my excess body fat! By not letting it accumulate, even though my husband told me I was eating too much, I was able to change my eating habits to avoid getting fatter. It was simple. It was fast. And I have stayed lean over the years, which has to be one of the most impressive achievements of my entire life.

There are many foods that you must not eat. That includes:

• Dairy

• Processed Foods

• Fatty Foods

• Processed Foods of All Kinds Including Sugar

• Sugars and refined sugars

• Sugar Alcohols

• Unsaturated fats

• Alcohols (even beer when it’s labeled “alcohol free.”)

• Refined Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup 

• Processed Vegetables in Any Kind

The key to a healthy body is to avoid the following foods, which are not foods in the right context:

• Foods high in salt

• Alcohol

• Processed Vegetables in Any Kind

• Fruits or Vegetables that are not a part of my diet

• Processed Foods of All Kinds Including Beer, Wine, Canned Vegetables, etc., or Processed Foods with Additives

• Food Items With Salt, MSG, Artificial Color, Flavoring, Artificial Flavor, Artificial Preservatives, etc.

If people can do it with healthy foods the way I do this, then the reason I am a weight loss success story can be attributed to the right combination of healthy foods. You can get a healthy, nutritious diet with all of these foods. They take the place of foods which have to do with fat storage or fat loss.

For me, adding an extra 1,200 calories per day to my daily diet does not equate to weight gain. However, the extra calories in some foods does help a little. Sometimes by just eating more I am able to lose fat. This happened to me last year when I added 1,000 calories. I had to let it go quickly because I began having some serious back pain. I decided that the pain was related just to the extra calories I was eating. So I cut down on the extra calories I was eating and was able to get back on track.