How To Improve Your Skin Health

One of the most common reasons that people don’t want to take good care of their skin is because they believe it’s too delicate. Skin is supposed to be a very resilient and forgiving biological structure that is easily able to bounce back from many superficial wounds and minor injuries and even minor burns. But we all know that, at its most delicate, it can’t really be called “perky,” or “flawless”; in fact, the opposite is true. It is very fragile. But, like our entire body, it can be easily healed through constant use of high quality exfoliating products and gentle, yet effective, chemical peels.

The fact is, your skin has many layers. What appears to be the surface layer, for example, may actually function as a protective barrier to your internal organs. Or, as one dermatologist, Dr. Lael Rubin, wrote: “The skin has the ability to repair any type of damage.  Most of the damage we do to our skin is superficial, but our skin will also make a difference in repairing the physical wounds of the body.”

In simple terms, the outer layer of your skin, your stratum corneum , is really a layer of dead skin that doesn’t shed very often and keeps your internal structures from getting damaged.  However, it is important that you avoid anything that could irritate your skin’s pores, like harsh chemicals, alcohol and heavy make-up.  You need to look for cleansers that are safe for sensitive skin, are made with gentle ingredients, contain natural humectants and antioxidants, and aren’t overly aggressive. 

It also helps to avoid overly dry or oily skin so you can continue to use a healthy, non-greasy face moisturizer. In fact, one out of three people will use dry skin as a reason not to use an exfoliating moisturizer.   But, dry skin won’t necessarily lead to more severe sun damage, it won’t affect your hormones, and, in fact, if treated properly, can actually allow you to keep your skin younger and more radiant for longer.  

Another common reason skin care fans and skin care novices don’t want to use exfoliating or moisturizing products on their skin is they think they can do a better job at exfoliating or moisturizing themselves, especially considering how much their skin has suffered or is currently suffering.  While this is usually true, many people have been able to increase the strength and thickness of their skin by simply using a gentle moisturizer. You already know that when you put an exfoliating or moisturizing product on, the product is absorbing in, and it’s exfoliating itself. It is simply a matter of the product finding the correct balance of ingredients to actually exfoliate the most effectively…and it can.  When you use a gentle exfoliating/moisturizing product, you will notice that your skin’s surface will soften up, look more clear, and feel softer. You’ll also notice your skin having stronger exuberant blood circulation and more elasticity so your skin doesn’t look dull or dry, nor does your skin feel sticky, tight, or tight.

As you’ll soon learn in this article, there are 4 ways to make your skin better. These products can be applied to skin as part of a healthy skincare routine, in moderation for minor skin concerns like acne or minor blemishes, or in a full exfoliating skin-care routine for serious skin concerns or when there is skin that is looking worn off.

1 .       Apply an Exfoliating Mist to Your Face

When I think of a skincare product I am more inclined to use an exfoliating mist when it comes to my skin. I know what it smells like and what it does; it helps exfoliate and moisturize, the latter of which I mentioned earlier as your skin needs these things most.  But, what really excites me about the exfoliating mist is that it’s so affordable that it can be used on a daily basis.