How To Improve Your Sleep With Meditating

When you are trying to sleep, it can help to take a moment and sit by yourself with your eyes closed and breathe deeply. Meditation is the way to go for deep relaxation.

If you want to improve the quality of your sleep, the best thing you can do is start doing meditations. While you are doing meditations, you want to focus on the breath.  Breathing in as you are in the meditation, and exhaling as you exhale.  Breathing deeply as you breathe in, and more deeply as you breathe out.  This will produce a deeper and happier sleep. I used to be completely out of breath when I went to bed, but now I use breathing and relaxation techniques to help me fall asleep.

There is something else that is very, very useful that I want to mention, because it is such a powerful tool to have in your toolbox.   And that tool is what I call a ‘sleep timer.’ You may have heard of them.

A sleep timer is a clock that is meant to be set to some preset time, and when that timer is turned on, you will be asleep at the time that this clock is set and to the preset time of the timer.   When you are asleep, the clock is asleep.  When you wake up, the clock is already awake.   You don’t have to remember any particular sequence in your sleep that will produce a particular pattern of wake, sleep, wake again.   In other words, if you’re going to have your sleep timer set to 12 am, you can put it over the bed and simply make sure to wake up when it says 12 am.   And by the way, if it has a ‘start time,’ you can also set that to any time you like, just by turning it off at that time.

A sleep timer is not that bad in the least when you don’t have any particular pattern of your own.  But when you are doing a very regular, regular pattern of sleep (even at night) but your wake timer is set to midnight, or if you wake up at 1 am, or 8 am, or 4 am…   If you do something that puts pressure on your sleep in that moment, that can put a slight pressure on your own sleep.  So if you sleep with my sleep timer over the bed, you might want to make sure that it’s turned off at the time that you have set the alarm for the particular time that you have your sleep timer set to.

What I find the most useful about having a sleep timer is that it will help me to sleep better and I can even set my own sleep to the timer, by setting it for 12:00, 4:00, 3:00 and so on.  For example:

12:00:  3 o’clock.  

4:00:  3 o’clock.

5:00:  3 o’clock.  

6:00:  2 o’clock.  

7:00:  4 o’clock.  

8:00:  5 o’clock.  

9:00:  6 o’clock.  

10:00:  6 o’clock.  

For those that are still reading, that’s my current sleep schedule, and how I try and maintain it.  And that one could change if I had to move, if I was on a long trip, etc…

Anyway, I hope you have found this guide helpful.   You can learn more about meditation, and about how the body works, right here .   You can read about the science behind the body’s clock and the role it plays in sleep and relaxation , right here .