How To Kill Bugs By Using Alcohol

It is possible to simply wipe them away with a towel or cloth; but alcohol’s main advantages are that it’ll kill the bugs and it’ll kill the liquid from the food.

When you kill bugs by applying alcohol to the bug trap, you are actually killing both the insect and the liquid. You’re not just taking out the bug but the whole liquid which contains the bug which is harmful to you and your vegetables. Once the insects are gone and the liquid is gone, your vegetables come back to life. If you have a lot of bugs at one time, try putting it in a sealed container. You may need to use the same method to kill more bugs before your next garden clean up.

One disadvantage to using alcohol for control of pest bugs –

It leaves your vegetables with much more damage than the bugs would’ve’ve’dif’er’ing them apart, which can cause the veggies not to come back to life if the vegetables have been in the trap for a long time.

Another disadvantage to using alcohol to control pest insects ’

There are cases when you can be exposed to food bugs accidentally. Always wash your hands after using a hand pump in the kitchen. If insects get into your mouth or something in your hand, wash it thoroughly to prevent food poisoning.  And if you live in a hot climate, avoid touching your food with your bare hands whenever it is in the refrigerator, because that can allow bugs to hide there.

Washing your hands after each time you use a pump, and thoroughly washing your hands after touching food and anything in the refrigerator is essential for safe food handling and safe gardening.

How to use alcohol and pesticide and how it works

There are many ways to use alcohol and other pesticides:

To kill bugs with food poison and/or pesticide’.

You can apply the killicide directly into the vegetable trap using a hand pump:

If you are spraying your own vegetable with a food poison, spray one bulb at a time into the trap. Let the pesticides go to work for 15 minutes or more, so the bugs can be killed.

You can use pesticides and/or kill the same amount on the plant and/or garden.

Pesticides kill bugs’ and kill the plant’ using a pesticide spray or spray bottle.

Or you can apply them to the trap through the sprinkler head that you’ve planted on the vegetable trap:

Apply a few of the kill sprays on a few places, so you’ll have enough pesticide to cover them.

Apply the sprays with a watering can, which can be mounted on your garden wall, on a stick, or in a bucket that you use for watering your vegetables. The can is positioned on the garden wall so it hits your veggies every time it rains. In the summer, when the sprinklers aren’t used, you can water at watering points and the cans will get a thorough spray. When the plants get too thirsty, you’ll notice just how much water you’ll need.

To kill pests with mowed grass.

There are many different mowers for grass. The most popular mower is the electric mower.

The same type of mower will cut grass in all shapes and sizes; and it does have a built in power outlet.

You can also grow your own grass by using a tractor or with a rake and mower.

How To Take Care Of Your Vegetables After Killing Bugs With Alcohol

If you live in a temperate climate, you can start killing insects once the bugs are gone with vinegar which can be diluted with a little water for quick kill ’.