How To Know How To Do Anything

How do you know if something is right for you? Well, to begin, you have to be willing to ask yourself the right questions. Then you will see that the answers are right there. In fact, if you ask yourself a simple, straightforward question like “Is it really what I want to do,” the answer is right in front of you. If you do the work, you’ll see that it isn’t necessarily about the achievement but about the challenge of the task, which will motivate you to work harder. That’s when you’ll gain the confidence and skill required to take on that new project and take a big step toward your true purpose.

Do you know how often I re-read this? It’s a classic from the 1930s — a simple, yet wise piece of writing that captures some very important advice about how to deal with uncertainty (of course I’m talking about anxiety about how to do any job, not just the one you have). It’s called Do You Know How to Do Anything? and what I want people to take away from that essay is twofold: 1. Don’t be afraid to ask the right questions because the right questions are more important than the answers. 2. The answer to your question is always as important as the question.

I used the analogy of a tennis match, that the best player on your team is also your best friend. This is a metaphor that helps us make sense of the relationships we have with people and the situations we find ourselves in, which means that the relationships between people and situations are the key to success in life. If you want to improve yourself, ask yourself these questions: Do I know how to do anything? Do I know myself? Do I know a lot of people? Do I have friends that will help me with work? Do I have a place to call home? Do I feel that I belong in this world? How do I get things done? How do I find the things I need in the real world to make it possible for me to do what I want to do? How do I do the things that are important? Do I have the skills that others consider valuable for success? What do I have to learn to improve what I do? Do I want new experiences? Do I do things for the sake of doing? Do I love to make a difference, make a difference? Do I want the best, or have the best? Do I have a strong motivation to do it? That’s how you will know yourself and know a good person. If you ask any of these questions with honest and open-minded self examination, and you come up with an answer, then there is a good chance that your answer may be what you need to do.

I don’t like to get too deep in this topic, but as an older guy, I can’t help but draw from these lessons of the past to better guide my children now and my grandchildren in the future. Do not be afraid of asking the right questions. Do not be afraid of doing the work. Find a place to call home. Find the things that you need in life that you need to do for the things that are important. Do the things that are important for you. Love your work. Be generous with your talent. Do the best things you can do. And always be your best friend.