How To Know If You’re Doing It Right

Once the initial excitement of the process has passed, you will find a surprising number of answers. But it is always possible you need to try something completely different. It is easy to look back and be disappointed or even angry because our current routine is a bit different than our ideal. There’s something wonderful about the journey of discovery, of not giving up, of changing our course, of trying something different, as long as we’re sure it works. If you want to change, you will need to put in the effort. Don’t think it’s hard, just keep at it.

When we look back on our own lives, we often think we’ve made some great change along the way. Don’t let this be your excuse for not making more. It’s easier for us to look back for praise and attention than it is to do it properly the next time. In fact, in this article (see “Changing Your Mind about Your Progress”), you are the hero and you are responsible for making it happen.

The point of making mistakes is that they allow you to learn from them so you don’t repeat them. When you repeat a problem, you never learn anything that you have not experienced first hand. The only way to learn anything is to take action and experience it. Sometimes we fail because of over-confidence. When it comes to making mistakes, we are all guilty of this. We are more likely to make mistakes if we are feeling optimistic that our current plan is going to lead to good outcomes. Even if you have your heart set on doing something, it may not happen when you think, “Wow, we’ll be okay, just follow us.”

When we don’t take action, even if the change we intended to make doesn’t pan out for us, we are not only hurting the others in our lives, but we are also not learning from this experience either. When you learn from failure, you are likely to learn something valuable (as long as it doesn’t make you bitter!) and you are able to change again. If you really want to learn in life, you’re not going to have any excuses for not learning. If you want to make progress, you will have to make a mistake.

This is really important . Don’t allow it to define the rest of your life. When we are constantly saying “Wow, I had no idea it was like this!” it takes away from the real lessons you are learning from the mistakes you make. If this sounds like a depressing sound, you are correct. But if you really believe you are making progress, you don’t want to stop making mistakes either.

If you think this sounds depressing, you probably are not making any progress. The reason for this is to avoid repeating the same mistakes, which in general, is not effective. If you are having trouble figuring out how to do things or learning new things, look back on your last five years or the last ten. What did you learn that might have helped you avoid making mistakes? It is important that you keep learning, as many mistakes have great value. If we fail for a reason, it may only be to let us learn from it.

And we are going to keep trying until we get it right. If this sounds depressing, it’s because it is. But the reward of taking the action is not in the pain, especially not the pain you endure when you have to do it wrong. Instead of dwelling in painful emotions, it’s time to relax in the fact things are still changing and will likely always be changing.   It’s also time to feel happy for what we are already doing. We need to appreciate what we’ve already accomplished so that we feel better.

If You Have Nothing To Change, You Will Find You Are Already Successful

The great thing about change is that we can either react to what we had before or move forward. If we move forward and are able to make change, we will either be more in touch with our past or realize we are not that different from how we were. If we’re moving forward, we can always find the things that made us successful and build on them.