How To Know If You’re Fitter Than You Think

You have to be motivated, motivated enough to do the research, to go out and be active! You had to earn that certification or have been training that hard. Maybe all we can do is make an effort by taking an honest approach and going out and making good changes. No one can know for sure you are fit until they have you train hard, compete, and test your limits. That’s why we need to make this an ongoing process.

Once we decide to make it part of the process, we have the tools necessary to know whether or not we’re getting the most out of the workouts. In addition, we just might learn which exercises are the most beneficial for specific goals. We could also choose to take the tests to ensure we are getting the best results. There are many things we can learn as we go, and it’s only fair we do, right? You should also be in the process in order to find out if you are in the right place for your goals — the right place may not be right now.

There’s no shame in feeling tired after a workout and being motivated to push yourself to go even harder and train longer. I know, I think like that too! It’s good to have a strong focus and determination to keep going, but you might be taking on too much at once or feeling too exhausted. In addition, you have to know in advance what your current health status is. If you have any health problems, take the time to have a full medical exam and discuss their effects, how you’re going to get better, and how many weeks you’re going to spend in the gym or in the weight room.

I know some of you are thinking I’m full of crap. There might be some health problems here! Yes, it may be difficult for you to do a proper exam. It’s easy to be discouraged. If you’re determined and do it anyway, that’s fantastic. It’s very important to keep your health plan healthy and take care of yourself, but if you make it through the process feeling good about your body and health status, you’ll be more effective in your workouts.

Once you’ve made it through the whole process, you may end up having to have several more tests. Here in Portland, there are several fitness centers offering tests for each of your fitness goals. If your goal is to lose weight, you can do a chest X-ray and also perform a full body ultrasound of your heart. If you’re a runner, you could get a physical check to see how good you are in certain areas of your body and whether or not you need any specific equipment.

Just remember the basic principles that you must follow (and keep in mind, these are just guidelines!)

If you have a good body image, you’ll work on gaining weight and working out the muscles without feeling as tired as you did in the first half of the workout.

Do your best to get a good night’s sleep.

Try to eat healthy without taking on the added calories.

Make sure you train hard, get adequate rest, exercise your body appropriately, and be as fit as possible. There is nothing like getting sore from a workout to make you want to work out more. For some people, they just don’t get as sore after a hard workout. The soreness may come from feeling too tired, or may be from your body needing a rest afterward. Either is fine. Just ensure you eat right and have enough rest.

The most exciting part of the process to me is learning more about myself. It’s a good start. There are always ways to improve and take things to different levels.