How To Learn New Things

I’m a writer and I need to learn how to use new vocabulary regularly in my writing and in my speaking.

When I was in high school, I used to love to make myself laugh on the toilet so I’d take a peek at whatever the littler ones were looking at. When that first flush of laughter didn’t come, I’d take a seat in the corner and watch the adults who were still in their seat while I laughed. A few times I’d laugh so hard I ended up with splinters in my mouth. That got me into trouble. That’s when I realized it’s okay to have a laugh. We laugh because of laughter. We laugh because we laugh and we laugh cause we’re all in on something and laughing and being amused is part of our daily ritual.

I didn’t think much about writing when I was in high school. I was too busy learning the language. I didn’t even realize writing was a thing until after I graduated and had to settle into the real world with a few hundred dollars and a big book bag to carry around. There were things that interested me, but I never thought much of them. I’d just get frustrated when I wasn’t able to make sense of something and I’d go to the dictionary. I didn’t start writing because I wanted to make words up. No, I didn’t really want to make a noun out of a verb. I just wanted to learn the language.

It’s funny, because I started writing like every other kid, but soon I found myself getting bored with the same routine. I’m not a writer of words. That doesn’t mean I don’t understand grammar and English language. It doesn’t make me a bad student and a bad writer. It just means I need the ability to read and write to take notes and to make myself understand it in a different way. 

If you’re looking for a new hobby, I’m talking about anything from making yourself laugh, to reading books, to using your computer, to listening to music, to drawing, to speaking English. I’m talking about whatever you want to do. 

It’s okay to laugh. It’s okay to laugh a lot.

I’m not saying you need to laugh more. You don’t need to laugh like a lunatic. I’m just saying that if you need a break from that normal, almost annoying way you laugh, I’m willing to provide that break.

When I started writing, I discovered a new way to laugh. I started reading and making notes to the language and I also made a game out of it. I took a few years to learn the English language, and I don’t think I’m any worse at it now than I was before. I just need that little bit more of a break from feeling like I’m wasting my time writing.

There are two ways you can find the time to write.

1) Get busy with things and people while you’re writing. 

There are so many people and so many things you can be busy with, but you need the time to do it. If you’ve gotten this far I’m guessing you know you’re in the middle of a project and can’t wait to get back into the flow. Or maybe you have an interesting conversation or an interesting person sitting in your car telling you stories that make you feel warm inside, but you don’t have the time. Or 

2) Write for the sake of writing. 

I know it’s tempting to feel good when you have a finished product. But writing is hard and your finished product doesn’t mean anything. I know, it’s easy to look at your book and say, “wow, I’ve completed this huge project.” But you may not even have the basic skill set to be an author.