How To Learn To Love Yourself

Everyone is going to have a unique path, to learn how to love themselves is not easy at first, but with practice we can transform this habit into a powerful habit that improves our lives.  The path to love ourselves is the path to happiness.  Love is what enables us with this journey.  I learned to love myself with awareness meditation and the practice of self-love.

In my mind, there is a difference between loving yourself and loving yourself for someone else or for oneself. Loving ourselves will help you heal the pain you went through in a relationship. Loving yourself will keep you from feeling rejection or abandonment and from having a negative view of yourself.

Love yourself for yourself, and then let it guide you on the path of changing yourself.  Let love help you learn to accept your pain for the growth that it should be.  If you want to take action to do this, it’s simple:  Practice self-acceptance as a daily habit through self-love meditations by Metta Center .  You can also find support by visiting Metta Center for Self-Love .

What is Self-love?

When I first heard self-love I instantly thought self-love means we should love ourselves.  However, self-love is a different concept than self-acceptance.  Self-acceptance is a mental process; it is an acceptance of our pain and the pain we are going through.  It is a process of making a conscious decision to accept ourselves as we are.  Self-acceptance goes a step further:  Self-acceptance is a process to develop a deep and unshakable self-acceptance. 

Self-love is not only a way to express love, but to use it to heal and become stronger (and not just stronger mentally, but physically as well). Self-love does not mean that we should love ourselves out of pity or pity we love ourselves for the sake of self-love.

While we should keep our intentions in mind to be kind to ourselves while we are in pain, it is equally important to have self-acceptance while we love ourselves out of self-love. Self-love is the state of self-acceptance, and self-acceptance is love. We should use self-love as a way to heal as well as become stronger.

How To Learn To Love Yourself

When we are self-accepting, we are accepting all the aspects of ourselves:  our past and present, our flaws and strengths, our hopes and fears, and our aspirations and dreams.  Self-acceptance does not give us license to treat ourselves badly (in fact we should never do that).  Self-acceptance does not make us immune to rejection, abandonment or pain.  Self-acceptance is a decision that we are making for ourselves, to accept ourselves as we are in the present moment, and to have compassion for ourselves, our friends and family. 

How to Learn To Love Yourself

The easiest way to learn how to love ourselves and take self-love is by taking regular meditation practice.  As I just mentioned, mindfulness and meditation are ways to develop self-acceptance and self-love.  I like to meditate while listening to uplifting songs.  Most of the times the song is positive and uplifting, and I find that it helps me to slow down my thoughts so that I do not think too much about my own problems.  I try to listen to the song with loving intention, to hear the spirit in the song rather than the lyrics.  After meditating with the song in mind, I usually try to listen to it all day long, and then meditate with the song without thinking about the song and let it just come into my mind, which is why I recommend you to meditate with uplifting songs!  There is a lot of joy and beauty in positive emotions.  We are surrounded with positive ideas in life.  In fact, I believe that positive emotions actually make us smarter, better able to do our jobs, and to have more love for ourselves and other people – even if they have the same flaws as us.